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VAROSI: Renovation of hotels, businessman wants to revive the image of the buildings as they were in 1974

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ΒΑΡΩΣΙ: Ανακ αΙνιση ξενοδοχεΙων, επιχειρημ&alpha ;τiας θeλει να αναβιoσει την εικoν&alpha ; των κτηρiων oπως orταν το 1974

In offers for the restoration – renovation of the hotels he bought in the fenced area of ​​Famagusta, the Turkish buyer will come out within six weeks, as he reportedly said to the Turkish newspaper Jeni Bakis, which returns to this issue under the title “They will be offers for hotels in Varosi”.

According to the front page story of the local newspaper, where once again the name of the buyer of real estate in Varosi is not revealed, this businessman wants to revive the image of the buildings, as it was in 1974. As stated in the publication , claimed that he has already received thousands of reservations for the hotels he bought from the real estate owners. He also claimed that he is continuously buying real estate from their owners within the fenced area and will announce the purchases he has made. But before that, he noted, the hotels he bought first should start operating.

On the issue of the start of construction work, this businessman told Jeni Bakis that he has sent a relevant letter to the “Ministry of the Interior” before long time, but he still hasn't received any answer.

Varossi, he said, is an international center and tourists from all over the world will be able to visit it.

It should be noted that last April, Jeni Bakis again hosted statements by the businessman in question, without revealing his name, who announced that he had bought three hotels from their owners and some time later announced the establishment of a website through which one can virtually enter Varosi and book one of them for the year 2025.

He also stated that he bought two floors of apartment buildings to house people who will work at the hotel.

Tatar in Varosi

In the meantime, the Turkish leader went to Varosi yesterday on the occasion of the third anniversary of the opening of part of the fenced area. And this year, to the person who passed through the entrance at 12 noon (when the area had opened), Mr. Tatar gave a commemorative plaque, flowers and a book entitled “The opening of the closed Varossia” prepared by his partner Edin Akkurt with old files and material from the 'national archive'. It was about a woman. He was accompanied by the “mayor” of Famagusta, Suleiman Oloutsa, as well as the “commander of the security forces”, Commander-in-Chief Osman Aitats.

From October 8, 2020 until today, said Mr. Tatar, 1,400,000 people visited Varoshi, despite the pandemic period. He wishes, he added, for the gradual transformation of Varosi into an urban area (non-military) and that for this a solution must be found between the owners who built the buildings and the vakufik, as he argued.

The Turkish armed forces forces and the “security forces,” he continued, “thoroughly protected Varosi for 46 years. Once again, I would like to thank everyone who protected Varosi to bring it to this day.”

Ersin Tatar said that Varosi was brought up many times in the negotiations as a bargaining chip, saying that if the EU side said yes to the Annan plan, the return of Varosi would be discussed. “A similar situation arose in Crans-Montana. The Turkish Cypriot side always demonstrates its goodwill. But the global injustice towards the Turkish Cypriot side has increased even more after the unilateral accession of the Greek Cypriots to the European Union, even though the other side, as a recognized state, said no to the Annan Plan”.

That's why we would not sit back and watch, Mr. Tatar continued. “According to our law, according to our struggle according to our constitution, according to the policy we have developed with the motherland Turkey, the tdvk is a sovereign state and the closed Varosi, like the open one, is within the borders of the tdvk,” he claimed.

Therefore, he added, “we assessed that the sovereign state's decision to open this place was of course legal and does not conflict with international law. And of course, after consultation with the Republic of Turkey and our President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, this space was opened on October 8, 2020.”

Source: 24h.com.cy

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