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Woman returned naked from hospital to nursing home – Complaint from nursing home

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ΕπΕστρεψαν γυν αiκα γυμνor απo το νοσοκομεiο στον ολκο οκομεiο

Only a few days after the complaint made known by the Cyprus Patient Associations Federation (OSAK), about a citizen who found his elderly relative tied to a hospital bed, a new complaint has come to light, this time by the President of the Association of Nursing Homes.

Speaking to Ant1, Ms. Loukia Grigoriou reported a serious incident that occurred on Wednesday night, when a naked woman, only in her incontinence diaper and wrapped in a sheet, was taken from the hospital to a nursing home.

As she explained, the woman was being treated at hospital for ten days, after she had contracted coronavirus and was discharged, she was taken by ambulance to the nursing home where she lives without her clothes. “When we saw her I can't describe our feelings to you. The woman was in a cloth and a sheet tied over her. It was a night with 8 degrees Celsius,” said Ms. Grigoriou.

When they saw the elderly woman, the director of the nursing home immediately called the hospital and reported the incident, and then they sent them her dirty and full of clothes. blood.

As Ms. Grigoriou said, “unfortunately, the incident is not the only one. I had a patient come in from the Hospital the other day and his jaw was missing.”

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Source: www.reporter.com.cy

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