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Zenith: One of the oldest active watch manufacturers in the world

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Opening of the first Zenith Watches boutique in Cyprus

Zenith: Μiα απo τις παλαιoτερες εν ε&nu ;εργελα ωρολογοποιλες στον κόσμ&omicron ?

It was 1865 when Georges Favre-Jacot envisioned the future of watchmaking with Zenith, aspiring to give a different approach to Swiss watchmaking.

He wanted to move to the next step in creating watches, watches that would offer reliability, quality and elegance, watches that would make history – as it turned out.

It didn't take long for Zenith's name to travel to the rest of the world. In just a few years from the creation of the company, Zenith was also outside Switzerland, since already in the 1880s it had made its presence in Russia, Europe and America, while at the turn of the century it also appeared in Asia. The Zenith name soon became established, with salespeople helping to spread the brand around the world.

Zenith: Μiα απo τις παλ&alpha ;ιστερες εν ενεργεΙα ωρολογοπο&iota ;ες στον κoσμο

Honors and awards were a matter of time. In the first year of the 20th century at the Paris World Fair, among the latest technological developments from around the world, Zenith was awarded a gold medal for its technical innovations as well as its aesthetics. It combined art and industry, in a pioneering way for the time, just as its founder, Georges Favre-Jacot, was equally ahead of his time.

It is worth noting that in 1999 Zenith was bought by LVMH Group (LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton) for $48.4 million.

Zenith: Time to reach your star

The recognition and distinctions of Zenith are many, combined with its evolution over the years, constantly looking for something more and exploring at the same time the part of creation and style, always with the reliability that characterizes it. It was created to inspire people to chase their dreams and make them come true – against all odds. Its watches have accompanied extraordinary people with lofty dreams and striving to achieve the impossible – from Louis Blériot's historic flight across the English Channel to Felix Baumgartner's free fall record.

Additionally, Zenith celebrates female visionaries and pioneers by celebrating their achievements and creating the Dreamhers platform, where they share their experiences and inspire others to fulfill their dreams.

Coming to today, Zenith still seeks to create the future of watchmaking by looking beyond the horizon, creating the images of tomorrow.

Zenith has been shaping the future of Swiss haute horlogerie since 1865 and stands by those who dare to challenge themselves and reach new heights. The time to reach your star is now.

Zenith: Μ α απo τις παλαιoτερες εν ενεργε&alpha

From the Zenith boutique

Zenith: Μiα απo τις παλ&alpha ;ιστερες εν ενεργεΙα ωρολογοπο&iota ;ες στον κoσμο

Vassos Eliades Accessories Ltd partner of Zenith in our country

With stores all over the world pursuing personal customer service and wanting to bring them into contact with the House's unique world, Zenith opened its first boutique in Southern Europe, and more specifically in Cyprus.

This boutique could not be located in a space as elegant and luxurious as Zenith. That is why it was chosen to be located in the City of Dreams Mediterranean, Europe's first integrated resort and the largest in the region, which is a world-class development.

Zenith: Μiα απo τις παλ&alpha ;ιστερες εν ενεργεΙα ωρολογοπο&iota ;ες στον κoσμο

Mr Grant Johnson, DJ Carl Cox, Mr Paolo Cappiello and Mr Evagoras Charalambous

< p style="text-align: left?">Located in the main hall of COD, the boutique features a 'Story Bar' like all Zenith boutiques, which allows visitors to sit back, relax and enjoy a drink while delving deeper into the universe of the House. While interacting with any of the objects behind the Story Bar, relevant videos as well as inspiring stories of people from Zenith's past and present begin to play on a screen.

The first Zenith boutique in Cyprus took shape thanks to the excellent and long-term collaboration with the company Vassos Eliades. Without the contribution of the Eliades family and Evagoras Charalambous, General Manager of Vassos Eliades Accessories Ltd, this achievement would not have been possible on our island. Vassos Eliades Accessories Ltd has been a supporter of Zenith for almost 20 years, serving both Cypriot customers of the brand and tourists in the Limassol area.

Vassos Eliades Accessories is a member of the Vassos Eliades group of companies, one of the largest trading companies in Cyprus, with its main activities the import, sale and distribution of consumer goods. In 2020 Vassos Eliades Accessories launched its two eshops, http://www.veryexclusiveaccessories.com/and http://www.veryexclusivewatches.com/.

Regarding the upgraded collaboration between Zenith and Eliades, the General Manager of Vassos Eliades Accessories, Evagoras Charalambous, said: “We are proud to include Cyprus in Zenith Boutiques worldwide. This boutique is a landmark, representing our unwavering commitment to provide our sophisticated customers with the zenith of watches. We invite you to experience the epitome of luxury in the heart of Limassol, where time takes on a new dimension”.

Zenith: Μiα απo τις παλ&alpha ;ιστερες εν ενεργεΙα ωρολογοπο&iota ;ες στον κoσμο

Ms Myria Konstantinidou, Mr Evagoras Charalambous and Ms Julia Kranzelmayer

Zenith CEO Julien Tornare added: “This is a big step for Zenith and our continued partnership with Vassos Eliades. We are excited to open our first boutique in southern Europe with such a great partner. We look forward to welcoming passionate ZENITH fans as well as new customers to our exclusive venue.”

The opening was attended by friend of the Zenith brand and internationally renowned DJ, Carl Cox, who played music specially for distinguished guests attended the event.

Zenith: Μiα απo τις παλ&alpha ;ιστερες εν ενεργεΙα ωρολογοπο&iota ;ες στον κoσμο

Mr. Vassos K. Ilia'dis, Mr. Grant Johnson, DJ Carl Cox and Mr. Paolo Cappiello< /p>

DEFY Skyline

On the occasion of the opening of the Zenith boutique, the dazzling blue DEFY Skyline Sapphire watch was presented, which is the latest exclusive boutique edition of the House of Zenith.

Zenith: Μiα απo τις παλ&alpha ;ιστερες εν ενεργεΙα ωρολογοπο&iota ;ες στον κoσμο

The DEFY Skyline Sapphire Watch

A modern successor to the first Zenith DEFY wristwatch model from 1969, the DEFY Skyline deftly blends the collection's past and present, with bold architectural lines and unique solidity that have become hallmarks of the series. And while the deep blue tones inspired by the starry night sky have become the signature of many ZENITH boutique-editions, DEFY Skyline Sapphire comes to enrich them with a magnificent setting of precious stones.

DEFY Skyline Sapphire is available exclusively from Zenith physical and e-boutiques, worldwide.

Snapshots from Zenith's spectacular opening at City of Dreams Mediterranean

Zenith: Μiα απo τις παλ&alpha ;ιστερες εν ενεργεΙα ωρολογοπο&iota ;ες στον κoσμο

Zenith: Μiα απo τις παλ&alpha ;ιστερες εν ενεργεΙα ωρολογοπο&iota ;ες στον κoσμο

Zenith: Μiα απo τις παλ&alpha ;ιστερες εν ενεργεΙα ωρολογοπο&iota ;ες στον κoσμο

Zenith: Μία α πo τις παλαιoτερες εν ενεργεiα ω&rho

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