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Alpha Bank Cyprus Ltd: New deposit rate of 2.75% for deposits over €100,000

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Alpha Bank Cyprus Ltd: ΝΕο καταθε τικo επιτoκιο 2.75% για καταθeσεις ;ω των €100,000

Alpha Bank Cyprus Ltd responding to the needs of the market, expands its competitive products “Alpha Time Deposits” offering a new deposit rate of 2.75 % per annum for deposits over €100,000.

For those who claim increased returns on deposits over €100,000, Alpha Bank provides the solution, raising even more the returns on 12-month term deposits. At the end of the specific term period, Customers have the option of withdrawing, increasing the capital or renewing the deposit and capitalizing the term interest.

Alpha Bank, through the “Alpha Term Deposits” series, gives the allowing Customers to choose the ideal product, based on their real needs. The “Alpha Time Deposits” series also offers an annual interest rate of 1.60% and 2.10% for deposits over €50,000 with a duration of 18 months and 24 months, respectively. The interest is not compounded and is paid at the end of the term deposit.

For more information, terms and conditions, contact one of the Bank's Branches or www.alphabank.com.cy.

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