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Australia: Baby girl born with 'permanent smile' due to rare condition

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The newborn had developed an extremely rare condition & # 8211; The mouth is not shaped properly while the fetus is still in the womb

The baby you see in the photo does not stop smiling. You will be wondering “and where is the weirdness” in this story.

Little Ayla Summer Mucha has gone viral on TikTok for the. Permanent smile on her face. The parents of the little girl, who was born in December, started using the popular platform to raise awareness about the condition of the little girl, who was born with a “permanent smile”.

Cristina Vercher, 21, and her husband Blaize Mucha, 20, were excited to see their baby, but were told Ayla's mouth was not “normal”.

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The newborn had developed an extremely rare condition called bilateral macrostomy, which means that the mouth is not properly formed while the fetus is still in the womb.

“My husband and I did not know about it “We have never met a person who was born with a macrostomy,” said the mother, who lives in South Australia. “So we were shocked.”

In a comparative study published in 2007, only 14 cases were recorded. Although the incidence may have increased since then, the condition is still so rare that it was the first time a doctor at the Medical Center had seen it. In addition, the ultrasound did not show the unusually large opening of the mouth, which shocked the doctors during the caesarean section.

The young woman said that when she saw her daughter for the first time, the situation was obvious since the little one was tiny. The doctors informed them a few hours after the birth about the baby's condition. “All I could think about as a mother was what I had done wrong, especially since I was so meticulous throughout my pregnancy,” she told doctors. and that it was not their fault as they waited for the genetic test to be completed. Eventually, doctors diagnosed Ayla with the condition.

Macrostomy, however, is more than just a cosmetic abnormality – it can affect the way babies are breastfed. Because of the effect it has on facial function, patients with macrostomy often have to undergo surgery.

During these months, parents set up a TikTok account to inform and raise awareness about their daughter's condition. , in an effort to find similar answers.

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