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Complaints PA.SY.NO. for discounts on quality and safe patient care

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Complaints PA.SY.NO. for discounts on quality and safe patient care

The PA.SY.NO. denounces OKYPY for continuous discounts on the offer of quality and safe care to patients “putting money above all, even in the most difficult second phase of the COVID-19 pandemic” and asks OKYPY to proceed immediately with actions that will unload the hospitals , such as referral of patients to the private sector, suspension of cold surgery surgeries and actions to return to the clinic nurses working in offices, in order to save nurses and strengthen the Intensive Care Units and COVID – 19 wards.

In a statement, the union states that the ICUs are understaffed and below the security number and that the staff is not properly trained in the ICUs and the management of COVID – 19, despite the assurances given during the summer.

He also complains that “decisions are made inside the organization's offices by people who have no experience in the clinical field. He adds that decisions are made that directly concern the nurses overnight, on holidays and weekends, without the Guild expressing its opinion or at least being informed, in order to promote the changes and instructions.

The PA.SY.NO. speaks of “mismanagement that instead of solving problems increases them, with the result that nurses are physically and psychologically burdened with effects on the health and safety of patients.”

He also said that all the agreements that have been made have been circumvented, adding that COVID-19 wards have been developed in all hospitals where it is necessary to differentiate the staff-patient ratio due to the nature of the treatment they provide, but they have not been staffed with additional staff. .

He went on to say that a COVID-19 ward was set up at Athalassa Hospital, staffed by the existing nursing staff of the already understaffed wards, and community nurses were seconded to the same hospital to partially meet the needs, thus reducing the supply patient care in the community.

The PA.SY.NO. also complains that nurses are seconded to positions outside the clinical premises e.g. at the Ministry of Health, the Health Insurance Organization and offices within hospitals.

Source: politis.com.cy

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