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DISY: Denounces ELAM's Fake News War on Social Media

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ΔΗΣΥ: Καταγγλ ;ει πoλεμο Fake News απo ΕΛΑΜ στα Μeσα Κοιν ωνικorς Δικτyωσης

Democratic Alarm denounces a war of dispersal of fake news against him on the part of ELAM.

The MP for Limassol of DISY and deputy press representative Foteinis Tsiridou, with a video uploaded by Pindarou, responds to ELAM with the party's positions on Cyprus, Immigration, Economy and social issues, emphasizing how DISY has positions to propose in opposition to ELAM.

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“Against the propaganda and misinformation that some organize every day, we will repeat our positions and principles.

And after being asked, we repeat that yes, we do not have any political identification with ELAM, and everyone should know that!” once again it has engaged in fake news, inaccuracies and misinformation.

“And we answer: In the Cyprus issue, we really want a solution of a Bizonal Bicommunal Federation, which is not Turkey's position, as ELAM anecdotally states, but the timeless position of our side, a solution that all Cypriot Presidents have tried to bring about. We propose a solution that ensures the survival of Cypriot Hellenism in its homes. What do they propose?”, he wonders.

Regarding Immigrationnotes that the Democratic Alarm “does not politicize with wishful thinking and with intolerant and extreme attitudes like ELAM does. The DISY is the only political force with tangible proposals such as changing the favorable regime of areas of Syria to reduce immigration flows and with the help of the European Union that supports our efforts and there are now concrete positive results that citizens experience in their everyday lives . A European Union that ELAM does not believe in and wants to dismantle from within. Are we going to leave them?”, he wonders.

And he goes on to say: “When ELAM talks about economic issues, let them ask themselves why they joined forces with AKEL in the horizontal approach for divestments and they voted together and then give us economics lessons? we certainly proved that we can financially protect our citizens and our country”.

Finally, Fotini Tsiridou notes how, “as far as social issues are concerned, we answer yes: Racism, sexism, intolerance and the restriction of freedom of opinion does not suit either the Democratic Alarm over time or the citizens of the Republic of Cyprus. The Greek culture and the Democracy that was born through Hellenism was always acceptable to the weak and always limited the extreme voices”.

Source: www.philenews.com

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