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Ersin Tatar for parliamentary elections: The result confirms that there can be no federation

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Ersin Tatar for parliamentary elections: The result confirms that there can be no federation

The result of the Parliamentary Elections in the Republic and the increase of the racist percentages, as he stated, ELAM confirmed his position that there can no longer be a solution on the basis of the federation in Cyprus, said Ersin Tatar.

The Turkish leader, according to the GTP, commented on yesterday's election result to the correspondent of the Turkish news agency Anatoli in the occupied territories, claiming that nationalist extremist views are on the rise on the Greek Cypriot side, adding that this is not a positive development for a fair one. permanent and sustainable agreement on the island

“ELAM and its supporters support the view of a single state in the whole of Cyprus. We see that a mentality is rising that does not consider that the Turkish Cypriots deserve even the right of the minority. The most frightening thing is that ELAM gets its votes from the youth. And the reason for this is the fact that the educational system includes extremist nationalism, the admiration for Greece, the view that Cyprus is a Greek island and the admiration for EOKA “.

Mr. Tatar expressed the view that with the intervention of the EU the Greek Cypriot education system became softer during the Annan plan and that “the influence of extremist and nationalist currents increases in the education system on the Greek Cypriot side”, in which “attempts are being made to settle in the children's subconscious the Greek nationalism and the Greek flag “and that Cyprus is a Greek island and must be united with Greece.

“There is always the Greek flag in the matches of the big football clubs. It seems that the interest of young people towards ELAM is increasing. Therefore, I am watching this situation with concern. “I see how realistic and appropriate to the realities of Cyprus is our new vision on the basis of the two states based on sovereign equality in Cyprus,” he said.

There are parties on both sides that believe in the federation and do not support the “two-state solution”, said Mr. Tatar, noting that there has been a drop in the percentages of AKEL, which is a left-wing party and supports the federal solution.

Politics in Cyprus must be based on reality, he said, adding that Greek nationalists support Turkey leaving the island, Turkey and the pseudo-state abandoning their interests and rights in the Eastern Mediterranean, and that all sovereign rights in Cyprus belong to Greek Cypriots. and the EU's influence on the island must be increased.

“Right now the United Nations and our other interlocutors are looking into whether there is a new basis after the informal 5 + 1 conference in Geneva. And they will surely see how serious this case will be. I see that with these election results was confirmed once again what we say that there could no longer be an agreement at the federal base in Cyprus. Because there is no result by making a deal by force. And the agreement in 1960 did not even last three years. If now they put on the table again an agreement with force in Cyprus, something that we never accept, but let us assume that it happens, a conflict with this mentality that exists towards us will immediately break out. The two-state solution model I am defending is the right way. “And Turkey supports that, we will go to the end together.”

Referring to the DISY percentages, Ersin Tatar said that the center-right – as he mentioned – this party with 18 seats finished the elections in the first place with 27.77%, losing a percentage of 2.9% compared to the 2016. He stated that AKEL also had losses of 3.3%, while DIKO also lost 3.2 points compared to the previous elections. In contrast to the above parties, he concluded, known for its demonstrations against Turkey and the pseudo-state, ELAM increased its votes by 83% and from 3.71% to 6.78%.


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Source: politis.com.cy

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