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European elections: Battle of impressions from the parties, Parissinos' support for ELAM and the background (images)

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ΕυρωεκλογσΜχ ετεωακμαησρ ;ιηπιισεκιπ αρασκorνιο (εικνες)

With the submission of nominations, the pre-election campaign for the European elections officially starts today. A process that the parties wanted to take advantage of in order to communicate political messages, both through their statements and through the presence of the people who nominated and supported the candidates.

Of the two big ones. parties, DISY arrived at the venue with the largest group and massive presence of executives, officials and members of the party, including the former president Averof Neophytou, who stood by Annita Dimitriou, thus sending a message of unity and victory in the elections.

Ευρωεκλογσ: ΜΑ&chi ετεωακμαησρ ;ιηπιισεκιπ αρσκorνιο (εικνες)

With the public opinion polls, which saw the light of day, showing AKEL approaching within breathing distance and after the internal party frictions and the flight of the former vice-president of the party, Marios Pelekanos to the ELAM side, the party wanted to show, both with his presence , as well as with the statements of the president Annita Dimitriou that it remains united and strong. Asked, in fact, by philenews if he is afraid of losing the first place, the deputy president, Efthimios Diplaros, answered in the negative .

Ευρωεκλογσ: ΜΑ&chi ετεωακμαησρ ;ιηπιισεκιπ αρσκorνιο (εικνες)

Speaking of DISY, the fact that in addition to Mario Pelekanos and the deputy government representative of the Anastasiades Government, Niovi Parissinou, supports ELAM,since he proposed the candidacy of Geadis Geadis, while he was also among the supporters of Pelekanos' candidacy. The two members of the communication team of the Anastasiades Government – the former Government Spokesperson, Marios Pelekanos and the Deputy Government Spokesperson, Niovi Parissinou – they support the far right today, whatever that means.

Ευρωεκλογ&sigma: Μ&chi ετεωακμαησρ ;ιηπιισεκιπ αρσκorνιο (εικνες)

From AKEL's point of view, it is noted that party and its candidates arrived at the venue with prominent personalities from the field of diplomacy and the arts, such as Andreas Mavroyiannis, Erato Kozakou Markoulli, Despina Bempedeli and Popi Avraam, who were among the proposers and supporters of the candidates of the AKEL group.

Ευρωεκλογσ: Μ&chi ετεωακμαησρ ;ιηπιισεκιπ αρσκorνιο (εικνες)

The General Secretary of the party, Stefanos Stefanou in the statements wanted to emphasize to him that the Left is a force that does not applaud, but claims in Europe, a demanding force, that made inclusion and equality a reality on the ballot, with the equal presence of women, while he also referred to the presence of Turkish Cypriots in the group.< /p>

ΕυρωεκλογσΜχ ετεωακμαησρ ;ιηπιισεκιπ αρσκorνιο (εικνες)

As for the Centers, the showed a dynamic presence during the submission of nominations for the European Elections. He brought down Christiana Erotokritou, Panikos Leonidou, George Solomou, Phyto Konstantinou, George Ioannou and other executives and members of the party, apparently to send messages of strength and massiveness.

In his statements, the president of the party, Nikolas Papadopoulos, with references to Spyros Kyprianou and Tassos Papadopoulos, wanted to send the message that the European path of the country is historically inextricably linked with DIKO and called on the people to continue supporting the party towards it the direction.

ΕυρωεκλογσΜχ ετεωακμαησρ ;ιηπιισεκιπ αρσκorνιο (εικoνες)

The DIPA,on the other hand, through the statements of Marios Karoyan, he sent the message that what is at stake is the “strengthening or weakening of the Democracy. We cannot operate with populism,” he said, photographing ELAM. 

He emphasized that if a candidate from DIPA is elected, for the first time a representative from Cyprus will participate in the Liberal Reformists, while he also mentioned the bet for DIPA , which is as he mentioned “let's do the big twist again”.

Ευρωεκλογ&sigma: Μ&chi ετεωακμαησρ ;ιηπιισεκιπ αρσκorνιο (εικνες)

The EDEK, with the party facing the possibility of losing a seat, according to opinion polls, it in turn sent a message of determination . “We expect that Cypriots will strengthen the participation of Cyprus in the Social Democrats, the second largest Eurogroup. EDEK is the power of the world”, asserted the president of the party, Marinos Sizopoulos.

ΕυρωεκλογσΜχ ετεωακμαησρ ;ιηπιισεκιπ αρσκorνιο (εικνες)

Regarding ELAM, Christos Christou made special reference to the recent inclusion of the ELAM party in the European Conservatives, the ECR, wanting to send a message that the party will belong to a group of the European Parliament with considerable strength, while he emphasized that the party will remain the guardian of traditional institutions, such as that of the family.

Ευρωεκλογσ: ΜΑ&chi ετεωακμαησρ ;ιηπιισεκιπ αρσκorνιο (εικνες)

“For a green and progressive Europe”, it said in his statements the President of the Environmental Movement, Giorgos Perdikis, calling on citizens to throw “green on black,in the black, which is in our lives, which plagues every citizen, which is corruption, entanglement, the evildoers who have power, the environmental disaster, the climate crisis, the poor management of immigrants and refugees, the precision, the Cyprus issue , which remains unresolved, the expensive roof. We can deal with all this blackness”.

On behalf of the Democratic Movement for Change “Aichmi”, MEP Dimitris Papadakis also spoke , explaining the reasons that prompted the Movement to participate in the Environmentalists' ballot, while the Turkish Cypriot candidate,Oz Karahan, speaking in Turkish, appealed to all Turkish Cypriots “to vote green, in a struggle started by his friend Ibrahim Aziz”.

Ευρωεκλογ&sigma: Μ&chi ετεωακμαησρ ;ιηπιισεκιπ αρασκorνιο (εικоνες)

The first presence of VOLT's newly formed partyCyprus. These elections are pivotal, which will determine the future of Europe, stated the co-president Alexandra Attalidou, while the co-president Charilaos Velaris sent the message that the Movement is here to stay.

ΕυρωεκλογσΜàχηε&nu ;τσεωακμαηστorρι&eta ΠρσισΑΜτο σκorνιο (εικoνες)

Of the independent candidates, the presence of tiktoker Phidias Panagiotou did not go unnoticed , who arrived at the venue accompanied by his priest father. Speaking in the Cypriot dialect, he sent messages to the youth. The presence of singer Andronikos Zervidis, who arrived at the venue with a 20-page manifesto, was also noticeable.

Source: www.philenews.com

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