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Ex-government employees being vetted before taking up positions in the private sector are on the rise

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Αυξανονται οιπ ρoην κρατικοi υπaλληλοι που ελeγ&chi ;ονται πριν αναλαβουν θεση στον &iota ;διωτικτομeα

The House of Commons unanimously passed a law that increases the number of audited government employees who will be required to secure a license before taking up work in the private sector after they leave the position they held in the public sector or in the wider public sector. The law is considered to act as a deterrent in cases of entanglement and dispute.  

Former government officials include the Attorney General and Assistant Attorney General, as well as judges.

It is noted that in 2019 the scope of the controlled persons law was expanded to include other government officials. , as well as all employees of the public and the wider public sector who serve in a position higher than Salary Scale A13.  

With the new extension of the scope, the legislation is extended to the General and Assistant Attorney General of the Republic, to the judges of any court., to the Chief and Deputy Chief of the National Guard, to the Chief of the Fire Service, to the members of the Cyprus Police, to the members of the Fire Service , to the members of the Army of the Republic and to the persons, as they are defined in the term “employee of the public and the wider public sector”, who served under a private law contract.

Speaking to the Plenary, the President of the Institutions Committee, DISY MP Dimitris Dimitriou, spoke of a small but important moment for the Parliament, since for the first time something concerning judges is included in legislation. Due to the separation of powers, he said, this is difficult and limited, adding, however, that this is about the end of their work as judges.

By law, he said, they are required to join the process of seeking approval for the first two years, as is the case with all other public officials. He expressed the belief that despite the intentions seen by the judiciary and the Legal Service, there will be no repeal of the law, while he said that at some point we all need to “have the same treatment”.  

AKEL Member of Parliament Andreas Pasiourtidis said that in the context of the increase in control, those who were included in this proposal should accept the extension of the law to themselves, while he noted that they should voluntarily seek the transparency and accountability.

AKEL Member of Parliament Aristos Damianou said that it should be made clear that the separation of powers concerns exclusively the part of exercising the jurisdiction of judges and that the Parliament does not intervene in matters related to judicial matters. He added that the procedural issues do not concern the separation of powers and that these are procedures that are activated after the judge's status ends. it is perfect, but it is much better than the one that exists.

The Parliamentarian of the Environmental Movement – Citizens' Cooperation Alexandra Attalidou said that this law seeks to make all citizens equal before the law, in terms of former officials and public sector employees. He appealed to all those who feel that their independence is being affected to accept this law which deals with those who will stop exercising their duty.

Source: www.reporter.com.cy

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