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Heatstroke Affects South Asia – Reaches 50 Degrees Celsius in Pakistan

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Extreme temperatures hit South Asia on Friday, with parts of Pakistan reaching 50 degrees Celsius as officials warned of severe water shortages and a threat to health.

Extensive areas of Pakistan and neighboring India have been hit by high temperatures since April due to extreme weather conditions that the World Meteorological Organization has warned of in line with climate change.

The city of Jacobabad in Sindh province reached 50 degrees Celsius on Friday, the Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) said, with temperatures expected to remain high until Sunday.

“This year we have switched from winter to summer,” said PMD chief Zahid Ahmad Babar.

in the southern province of Punjab.

“And the intensity increases, and the duration increases and the frequency increases,” he told AFP.

Jacobabad's nurse, Bashir Ahmed, said in the past six years, cases of heatstroke in the city have been diagnosed earlier this year, starting in May and not in June or July.

Punjab Irrigation spokesman Adnan Hassan said the Indus River & # 8211; Pakistan's main waterway & # 8211; Sheep had shrunk by 65% ​​”due to lack of rain and snow” this year. which also serves as the & # 8216; national bread basket & # 8217 ;.

“There is a real risk of food and crop shortages in the country this year if water shortages continue,” he said. Hassan.

The heatwave has also hit India, with temperatures in parts of Rajasthan reaching 48.1 degrees Celsius on Thursday and expected to reach 46 degrees Celsius in Delhi at any time from Sunday.

However, a break is expected when the southwest monsoon makes its way to the Andaman Sea and the Bay of Bengal around May 15, the Meteorological Department of India said.

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