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Measures to deal with undeclared work are discussed by the Labor Consultative Body

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    Measures to deal with undeclared work discussed by the Labor Consultative Body – On the carpet measures for Turkish Cypriots – Meets tomorrow at 15.00

    Strengthening measures to deal with undeclared and illegal work, will be the focus of the Labor Advisory Body Session, which will take place on Friday, under the Minister of Labor Yiannis Panagiotou. A package of measures for the Turkish Cypriots will also be discussed

    The Labor Consultative Body, which will meet at 15:00, will discuss increasing the inspections and targeting specific places and times.

    Also on the agenda will be the expansion of the coordinated operations of the Inspection Service of the Ministry of Labor and the Aliens and Immigration Service of the Police.

    The interconnection of available IT systems and existing databases for the utilization of information will also be discussed. and information.

    The implementation of an outreach campaign to nationals third countriesaged 17-65 who are legally in Cyprus and are not identified as legally employed, but also the investigation of the connection between the employers who apply the practice of undeclared and illegal employment of foreigners and the traffickers of illegal immigrants, is also one of the issues that will engage the social partners.

    Conducting an information campaign on the consequences and effects of undeclared and illegal work in collaboration with the social partners and other competent bodies will also be discussed.

    The electronic census of all employees in the information system of the Ministry of Labor and Social Insurance is also one of the measures that will be put in place.

    Other measures that will be discussed are the imposition of an extrajudicial fine of € 1000 for each case of undeclared work, the doubling of the out-of-court fine in the event of a repetition of the violation with a new case of undeclared work and the inclusion of liability to the main contractor in addition to the subcontractor, for cases of undeclared work.

    If concerns the package of measures for Turkish Cypriots, the payment of a widow's pension to beneficiaries, the right to participate in human resources programs within the framework of the action plan for the European Year of Skills and the right to participate in training programs of the Center will be discussed Productivity as well as training seminars on European Union acquis issues.

    The Minister will make statements to the media at 17.00.

    Source: cyprustimes.com

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