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Paphite outbreak

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The defeat by APOEL shook the Karsedos team and AEZ paid for it

ΠαφΙτικο ξΕσπασμα

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Paphos returned to winning ways after the defeat by APOEL, as they prevailed 4-1 against AEZ in “Ammochostos”, having an amazing performance. Carcedo's side were better throughout the half and found themselves leading 3-1 in the first half, with Valakari (9'), Tankovic (34') and Zairo (43) scoring, for AEZ to reduce with Castro in the 43'. In the second half, Liassos Loukas' team started to react with some phases, but failed to score, with Paphos ending the match in the 83rd minute with Davo's goal to write the final 4-1. With this victory, Paphos rose to 2nd place with 13 points, AEZ remained in 10th place with six points.

First half

Paphos in the first half came in strongly with the aim of keeping the ball, controlling the game and getting to the goal first. Something he managed early on, as in the 9th minute Valakari beat Milosavijevic with a header to make it 1-0 for his team.

Three minutes later, Paphos missed a chance to make it 2-0, in the 12th minute. ' Tavares took the shot, the keeper saved.

In the 15th minute, AEZ reacted and created its first phase with Castro's shot, but Ivusic collected it.

Paphos continued to control the match and look for the second goal, creating several phases.< /p>

In the 19th minute, Pafos had a new opportunity, with Rouz's header going just wide. A minute later in the 20', Tankovic's shot went wide.

Within five minutes, another great opportunity was missed for the visitors. In the 25th minute, Zairo passed the keeper, made a pass to Valakari who was alone, but Milosevic fell before him and collected the ball.

Two minutes later, AEZ reacted with a turn by Ruiz that stopped on the post and corner went away.

The pace of the match continued to be good with Paphos losing another phase in the 29th minute for 2-0, Zairo inside the area took the shot and the ball went out.

< p>In the 34th minute, Pafos' superiority bore fruit, Manga passed nicely to Tankovic, he made it 2-0 for his team with a spot kick.

From there on, AEZ retreated more as a result of which Paphos reached 3-0 in the 43' with Zairo, who scored from inside the area with a shot.

Two minutes later in the 45', AEZ reacted, after a throw-in, Castro from close range made it 3-1.

Until the end of the first half, nothing changed and so Paphos went to the locker room with 3-1 in their favour.


Second half

In the second half, AEZ came out stronger and with the good morning missed a huge opportunity to reduce the score even more.

In the 47th minute, after Yussuf's nice ball, Hatzivasilis scored from close range, but Ivusic made a huge save.

After 50', Paphos went up and missed opportunities. In the 53', Manga's shot was made, the ball was out, while in the 55', Ikoko made the pass, but Milosavijevic blocked it.

In the 60', another opportunity was scored for Paphos with a shot by Tankovic inside the area. , Milosevic retorted.

In the 71st minute, AEZ equalized again, after a free kick by Castro, the ball went past the goal.

Then Paphos kept the ball longer and in the 83rd minute, Davo scored with a nice shot. the game making it 4-1.

In the 89th minute another phase was lost for Paphos with Dragomir hitting the crossbar.

Until the end nothing changed, so Paphos came back in the victories with an excellent performance.


AEZ: Milosavlevich, Pastellis, Antoniou, Sarfo, Delmiro, Kenny, Castro, Reynolds, Hadzivasilis, Ruiz, Dighini< /p>

On the bench: Stylianou, Lupianeth, Mambani, Slogar, Christofi. Matongo, Michaelidis, Sifneos, Christou, Iosifidis, Yussuf

Paphos: Ibusic, Ikoko, Goldar, Zairo, Manga, Rous, Tankovic, Valakari, Nam, Dragomir, Tavares.

Ston bench: Jozipovic, Kvinda, Dimitriou, Michael, Toumasi, Pelazio, Pepe, Davo, Dalinia

Scorers: 45' Castro/9' Valakari, 34' Tankovic, 43' Zairo, 83' Davo

Referee: Christoforou Marios
VAR: Theoulis Chrysovalantis

Source: www.kathimerini.com.cy

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