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Five reasons to install interactive displays in your business

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By Marios Kyprianou
Technology Solutions Consultant, NEDECO Electronics Ltd

The work environment is constantly changing and evolving in recent years. Businesses and organizations, regardless of size and field of activity, are required to harmonize and upgrade their provided services and infrastructure, both at the level of customer service and at the level of internal operations and human resources. The need to enrich the tools that facilitate communication and collaboration between the members of a company's staff is becoming more and more essential, as the new generation of workers is now looking for more than a satisfactory salary.

New trends and practices in the field of work, such as remote or hybrid working as well as the continuous upgrading of digital technology, are reshaping the field, with an increasing percentage of workers using laptops or even smartphones during meetings and meetings .

Therefore, one of the most efficient ways for a business to create an efficient workplace for its staff is none other than the installation and utilization of interactive displays in meeting and meeting areas. In an easy and simple way, the participants can through the interactive screen, among other things, share information and data in real time, through their personal electronic devices, whether they are in the office or anywhere else.

    < li>Simple application and easy to use:Simplicity in application and ease of use are two of the most important features of interactive screens, as no one wants complex and time-consuming practices. All one needs to use an interactive display is to connect it to the desired network and start using it. Naturally, users will have to invest some time to discover the multitude of features and applications that an interactive display provides, however, the use is as simple as the application. Interactive displays are powered by Android technology, which gives them the flexibility to leverage tons of applications and upgrade the system instantly.
  1. Resource saving and staff satisfaction:The installation of interactive displays not only perfectly serves the needs of a business, but also contributes to saving resources. With interactive screens there is no longer the need to use a projector or an additional computer in the meeting room, as the interactive screen takes over this role. In addition, the utilization of technology, innovation and the upgrading of digital tools that enhance collaboration and interaction are considered particularly important for the new generation of workers, since for better or worse smart applications are an integral part of everyone's daily life. In this way, the company also contributes to the feeling of satisfaction on the part of the staff.
  2. Increasing productivity: Boosting productivity is possibly the main concern for every business and organization. The use of interactive displays helps to achieve this goal, enabling tasks to be done at real-time speed that would otherwise take longer to complete. The possibility to add/differentiate data of a presentation in live time and the ability to record the words of a meeting as well as to send them directly to the interested party, are a tangible example. Equally important are the features offered, such as accessing the user's personal email, taking notes and searching for information during the meeting, saving files and creating multiple user profiles. In addition to the above, sharing notes and files is made much easier by scanning a QR code.
  3. Collaboration and interaction:Through research conducted internationally, it is now scientifically documented that the facilitation of interaction and the strengthening of cooperation between personnel are important elements for both employees and managers of companies and organizations. Through the interactive displays, users can connect their smartphones or laptops and present images and data to their colleagues, as well as add or vary presentations and data in real time.
  4. Enriching presentations using multimedia: Interactive screens put an end to ordinary and predictable presentations, as they allow the use of modern multimedia, while at the same time favoring interaction and exchange of views and positions between participants. The touch screen, the constant switching between different environments, the wide range of tools and applications used, undoubtedly keep the participants' interest alive.

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