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Price reductions in frozen fish, greens and flour – More expensive bread

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Μειoσεισ τιμo&nu σε κατεψυγμΕνα ψΑρια, χορτα και α λεyρι-Ακριβoτερο το ψωμi

Decreases are recorded in the prices of a large number of basic consumer goods included in the updated Consumer Product Price Watch for December 2022, compiled by the Consumer Protection Service, with the largest decrease amounting to 23% showing the price of frozen fish and the largest increase reaching 77% to be recorded in the price of fresh fish (Large sea bass).  

Bread prices continued to rise, reaching 5.8% in December 2022, while large reductions of up to 97% are noted in the prices of some greens (cucumbers, tomatoes) which seems to be due to the mild weather. A significant decrease was also recorded in December in the weighted average price of all flour products included in the Price Observatory, which reached up to 18.3%. Reductions of up to 5.8% were also recorded in pasta prices.

According to the Consumer Protection Service of the Ministry of Energy, Trade and Industry, continuing the previous  400 retail stores all over Cyprus for a period of one month.

He states that the purpose of the Observatory is to provide the consumer with an objective comparative picture of the purchase prices from all retail stores, supermarkets, bakeries, kiosks, etc.

The Consumer Protection Service clarifies that Price Observatories are prepared solely for the purpose of assistance/general information to consumers and in no way constitute advice.

“The Price Observatories are not intended and cannot replace the market research that each consumer must do based on their own preferences, data and needs, nor are they intended to indicate to consumers the points of sale they will choose or specific products”, he notes .

In particular, the Service notes that some of the products included in the Observatory have quality differences that cannot be determined.

For this purpose, the Consumer Protection Service urges consumers to do substantial market research before proceeding with their purchases, taking into account the results of the specific Observatory.

Average weighted price

Specifically, according to the Price Observatory, the weighted average selling price, among others, for fresh milk ranged in December 2022 from €1.54 to €3.02, remaining stable compared to the previous month .

The weighted average price of cold meats ranged in December 2022 from €2.36 to €4.19, showing in some products an increase of up to 5.3% and in some others a decrease of up to 4.7%.

< p>Also, the average price of yogurt ranged from €2.78 to €4.15, showing in all a decrease of almost 5.6%, compared to the previous month.

In relation with the weighted average price of tomato juices, this ranged from €1.18 to €2.06, showing an increase of 11.4% in some products and a decrease of up to 3.6% in others.

The weighted average price of cheese ranged from €1.67 to €14.28, showing in some cases an increase of up to 4.2% and a decrease of 4.4%, compared to November 2022.

The weighted average oil price in December 2022 ranged from €7.04 to €12.92, with prices mainly recording a decrease of up to 18.1%, but also negligible increases.

In pulses, the price ranged from €2.18 to €3.47. In some products their price decreased by up to 3.1%, while in others it increased by up to 3.6%.

The weighted average price of frozen fish ranged from €7.84 to €15 ,40, showing decreases of up to 23.1%, while one product saw an increase of 2%.

The price of frozen breaded/precooked meat ranged from €3.99 to €7.81, showing decreases up to 7% and increases of up to 2.1%.

The price of breakfast cereals ranged from €2.23 to €3.61, showing a decrease of up to 8.4% in some products and an increase in others up to 3.9%.

In fresh meat/poultry/rabbit the weighted average price ranged from €3.91 to €12.60, mainly showing decreases of up to 3.9%.

In fresh fish/molluscs the price ranged from €7.83 to €17.41 with the increases in some species being between 4% and 77.7%. Price reductions of up to 17.2% were noted in two products.

An increase of up to 8.4% was noted in laundry detergent prices ranging from €5.87 to €11.42, with reductions amounting to up to 3.5%.

Source: www.reporter.com.cy

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