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Tension in the Plenary Session of the Parliament: DIKO wanted to save and have a good discussion about the Pentameri

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Tension in the Plenary Session of the Parliament: DIKO wanted to save and have a good discussion about the Pentameri

Tension and disagreements prevailed in the Plenary Session of the Parliament, following a proposal by DIKO to subscribe to Chapter D to discuss the Cyprus issue, in view of the five-party conference regarding Turkey's aggressive stance and its insistence on imposing a two-state solution.

There was a strong reaction from DISY, whose Parliamentary Representative Nikos Tornaritis stated that such issues should be discussed in the competent body appointed by the state, ie the National Council, and wondered why and for what purpose the registration should take place. of this issue at this critical time for Cyprus.

Their Parliamentary Representative DIKO Christiana Erotokritou expressed the view that this body should discuss serious issues concerning the citizens and said that it does not understand the objection of DISY to discuss the most serious issue concerning the developments in the Cyprus issue.

AKEL Parliamentary Representative George Loukaidis stated that there is no argument against the discussion of the issue, which has been discussed again in Chapter D, requesting that the title be the latest developments in the Cyprus issue on the occasion of the convening of a five-party meeting. He also said that the Cyprus issue was discussed many times in the budget and black anniversaries and he wondered when we decided that the Cyprus issue is not discussed in Parliament.

On behalf of DISY, MP Annita Dimitriou reminded that two years ago, when they had a similar proposal, some people had a different position. He wondered how useful we would be now in this effort, shifting the rivalry in Plenary to issues that we may not have the information we need.

DIKO MP Panikos Leonidou expressed the view that a discussion that will take place objectively and with good faith and composure can strengthen the President of the Republic and the delegation that will accompany him.

“Solidarity” MP Michalis Giorgallas said that the dialogue never harmed anything or anyone and said that there are no dangers of rivalry or division. He added that it is more valuable to hear outside Cyprus what are the positions of the representatives of the Cypriot people other than those to be conveyed by the President of the Republic.

EDEK MP Kostis Efstathiou questioned whether the Parliament can discuss all issues except the Cyprus issue and said that such a thing is paradoxical. He stated that the arguments of DISY justify those who say that the National Council has been turned into an alibi so that the Cyprus issue is not discussed either by the Parliament or by the Cypriot people.

The MP of the Movement of Ecologists George Perdikis said that there is nothing wrong with having the debate in Parliament, nor does it affect the talks, nor the President of the Republic, nor Mr. Guterres, nor the public opinion and supported the discussion of the issue in the context the logical, the democratic.

DISY MP Xenia Konstantinou said that we are in danger of turning the House of Representatives into a television panel and that the positions of each party are becoming known through the public debate. He said the result would be to send the worst messages to the other side and “shoot our feet” and get our side caught up in a very difficult dialogue in advance.

DISY MP Dimitris Dimitriou said that the danger is that the Parliament will be transformed into a community assembly. This Parliament, he said, has empty seats for the Turkish Cypriots and if we want to say that we respect the Constitution, we must also respect the role of the House of Representatives and what we represent.

Mr. Tornaritis added that DISY is ready to discuss the Cyprus issue from the invasion onwards at the end of the story.

Ms. Erotokritou stated that she has no objection to changing the title of the discussion, as suggested by Mr. Loukaidis.

“It is impressive what we live in Parliament. DIKO writes a title and is translated and presented by AKEL. “” DIKAKEL “is now at all levels”, said Mr. Tornaritis.

Then the Speaker of Parliament Adamos Adamou suggested that the title be discussed on Thursday at the next meeting of Leaders or Representatives of Parliamentary Parties. He stressed that he does not want to put it to a vote now and half to vote against this issue. “What message are we sending out?” He asked. “This is our national problem,” he said.

Mrs. Erotokritou said that the Rules of Procedure of the Parliament do not provide for the Meeting of Leaders to decide on the agenda, while Mr. Tornaritis stated that according to the practice of recent years, the meeting of leaders always sees an issue before something is written in Chapter D.

Following intense discussions and disagreements that followed, the proposal of the Speaker of Parliament was finally accepted by the parties and the issue will be discussed at the next Meeting of Leaders.


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Source: politis.com.cy

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