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They sew a suit for an AKEL and DIKO candidate

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They sew a suit for an AKEL and DIKO candidate

Frixos Dalitis

AKEL and DIKO are slowly entering the deepest and most difficult of the presidential elections. The two main opposition parties have begun to sew the costumes for the presidential election, looking for a candidate who can fit in as a common choice for both, in a partnership they want and seek on both sides. If a third or even a fourth is added to the two, it will be even better, as the more, the greater the potential for their candidate for the presidential election. But to get there, we need to find the person who will be able to bridge all the trends within the two major opposition parties, as the name is the most difficult part of the equation.

Tomorrow, the AKEL Politburo will meet to prepare the proposal that will concern the policy framework that will be discussed in the Central Committee of the party on Saturday. The Central Committee meeting is expected to be long, effectively opening the dialogue to a wider party body for the presidential election. According to the information, the discussion in the Central Committee will be open. So it is very likely that the party delegates will put down the various names that have seen the light of day as possible candidates of the party. The whole discussion will be essentially a first survey of positive or negative reactions. The information states that the names that have been discussed are those of George Pamporidis, Achilleas Dimitriadis, Eratos Kozakou Markoullis and Rector Tassos Christofidis. The name of the president of DIKO is always on the table, as it is considered a given that in the event of cooperation between the two parties, the name of Nikolas Papadopoulos will be among those that will be discussed. It is not ruled out that when the discussion about names on the table opens, more will fall.


The background for the presidential elections is igniting Presidential elections: How the scene is evolving

The Central Committee of DIKO also met, which had the subject of formulating the political declaration that will be the political position of the party and on which the policy framework for the presidential elections will be built. The text of the political declaration, as formulated by the Secretariat of the party, was read by the vice-president Christiana Erotokritou and the suggestions made on the spot by the members of the Central Committee were recorded. The Secretariat was then authorized to include them in the text in order to formulate the final proposal that will be taken to the conference on February 6. The main axes of the political declaration were the Cyprus issue, the Immigration, the Economy and the fight against Corruption. Only the members of the Secretariat were physically present at the session, while another 120 members, out of a total of 180, participated in the session online by making interventions. It should be noted that any debate on the presidency was avoided by referring to the conference on 6 February. In his speech, however, Nikolas Papadopoulos reiterated the position that DIKO in 2023 will be either a Government or a co-government.

At the same time, DIKO announced an online survey to capture the views of its members. “This innovative method aims to strengthen the two-way communication of members with the party leadership,” the party said in a statement.


The leadership of DISY started an exchange of views with the executives of the provincial committees of the party, in the context of the pre-conference dialogue that is carried out with the aim of the most perfect organization of the upcoming pan-Cypriot conference.

DISY President Averof Neophytou, speaking to party officials in Nicosia on Tuesday night, said that DISY is moving forward solidly, united and strong for the 2023 presidential elections, noting that the party only recently, in the 2021 parliamentary elections, gave answers. , managing to record a significant victory at a time when he had against him all the opposition parties and the toxic climate created by his political opponents.

He made special reference to the election of Annita Dimitriou to the office of Speaker of Parliament. Averof Neophytou analyzed the party's goals and aspirations in the Cyprus issue, the economy and society. He referred to the Cyprus of the future, which, as he said, has great challenges to face.

The president of DISY, expressing his confidence that the party will succeed in electing a President of the Republic for the third consecutive term, noted that with a strong Democratic Alarm, Cyprus can move forward with responsibility and seriousness in difficult times.

KOLOKASIDIS: To build institutions

The creation of resilient institutions that can bring even the most corrupt President to his knees is demanded by the candidate for the Presidency of the Republic, George Kolokasidis. Commenting on the announcement of the Cyprus Integrity Forum in relation to the perception of corruption and the deterioration of Cyprus's position in the Corruption Perceptions Index of International Transparency for the year 2021, he notes that the problem is not just economic. “And it's not just in the minds of foreigners or businessmen. It is slowly being established in the perception of every young or old Cypriot who has ceased to have confidence in the institutions and in our Republic. He takes his distance from the state and moves away from politics “, he states and indicates that this is not a solution. “Democracy is ours and we must protect it. “Those who dragged our name in the mud must be punished.”

Source: www.philenews.com

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