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Tones were raised in the Parliament for the new stadium of Limassol-Psakhnoun, which went 12 million

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Ανεβηκαν οι το&nu ;οι στην Βουλor για το νΕο γorπεδο τη ς Λεμεσοy-Ψαχνουν που πorγαν 12 εκα&tau ;ομμyρια

In high tones, the debate continued in the Committee for the Monitoring of Development Plans and Control of Public Expenditures before the parliament, regarding the possible waste of public money for the new Limassol stadium, which is a breath away from its inauguration and the three football teams, Apollo, AEL and Ari, to prepare in a few days to officially settle in their new home.  

During the debate  the MPs raised the issue of the costing of the new Limassol stadium, which while it was estimated at 28 million, however, the amount reached 40 million euros, which raised questions, as to the 12 million which is the difference and the reason for this increase in cost. 

Member of Parliament Andreas Themistokleous was particularly vehement against the KOA and specifically against the president, Andreas Michaelidis, with the two discussing in an intense tone, the financial data for the new stadium in Limassol. As Mr. Themistokleous said, “we have evidence that clearly says that I don't care if the stadium cost 40 million, as I see something worth 28 million. We are talking about transcendental mathematics. He paid the state 40 million and someone comes today and values ​​it less, at 28 million. I want you to tell me the remaining 12 million, who devoured them?”. 

In addition, Mr. Themistokleous emphasized that it is a stadium that is being built on state land. “Shouldn't the value of the land be taken into account in buying rent? It is a stadium that is rented out to three teams and it has to be said that maybe, not all of them are always first class. If one of them is relegated and another team comes up, then the team that is 2nd division will play in it and the other one that became 1st division will not be entitled to play in this stadium? Elections are coming, the inauguration will take place and the world will celebrate. When the elections are over, we will… we will flounder and the bird will have flown and if we seek justice, we will damage democracy in the end”.   

Taking the floor, the president of the KOA, Andreas Michailidis, answered Mr. Themistokleous, as well as other questions put before him by MPs, to note that, “I have never lied to myself. I've been through the courts and I know what it means to come here and lie. The issue of the cost of the stadium that caused your need may be a distraction, I just remind you that the estimate of the stadium was 29.1 million and the project was given at 31.3 million. Now, the cost is at 40 million, when will it be? the project is completed. Every cent awarded, beyond the contract with the contractor, has been approved by a jury that includes the Auditor General.

In fact, as Mr. Michaelidis pointed out, “if there is any amount floating around, bring it to me and I will go to prison. From the day I took over, we went to the Legal Service, the Audit Service and did not do the procedures ourselves. We did not send the draft because until yesterday there was a change in the matter of insurance. There is no attempt to squander public money on our part”. 

From his own point of view, the Auditor General, Odysseas Michaelidis, explained that, “if our eyes are to satisfy three teams in one stadium worth 40 million, let's not make it ourselves. If our eyes are also to protect the taxpayer's money and if we think that the European Commission is a good tool, then it is to help us. In addition, we must note that whatever the state builds, it must be given to a public tender and from our side, we have said in the past that the stadium is worth 40 million and we have never denied it”.

  • The situation with the Cypriot stadiums is dire-“We will have a new Mari if we continue…”
  • He asked for clarifications on the management and name of the Limassol stadium Audit Department
  • The Parliament approved the budget of the CMO with special references to the new Limassol stadium

Source: www.reporter.com.cy

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