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UN Secretary-General meets with Anastasiadis and Tatar in New York in late September – US demands more active role

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UN Secretary-General meets with Anastasiadis and Tatar in New York in late September - US demands more active role

Despite the failure of the Geneva Conference, and the announcement of the opening of part of the enclosed city of Varos, the United Nations is continuing its efforts behind the scenes, so that at the end of September the UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres will meet with the President Anastasiadis and Turkish Leader Ersin Tatar in New York, according to information from polıtıs.com.cy. However, it has not been clarified whether this will take place in the presence of the guarantor powers, namely Britain, Greece and Turkey. The United Nations is in consultations with both sides for this and the descent of the Special Envoy for the Cypriot Jane Hall Luth in Cyprus is expected soon.

Diplomatic sources said that there was a numbness due to the announcement of the pseudo-state and President Erdogan for the opening of part of the enclosed city of Varos, but the meeting will hardly be postponed, given the pressure exerted by members of the Security Council and especially the US. Joe Biden wants to take over the presidency and is trying to play a more active role in the Cyprus issue and the wider region.

Tatar does not take a step back

However, the gap between the two sides is raging, as President Anastasiadis insists on talking about a solution based on the Security Council resolutions and a solution of a Biconical Bicommunal Federation. On the other hand, Turkish Cypriot leader Ersin Tatar in an interview with the Turkish Cypriot news agency TAK stated that he sincerely wants an agreement based on equality and realities in Cyprus. “I am a president who wants an agreement based on the facts.” Ersin Tatar said polls showed that more than 80% of Turkish Cypriots were in favor of two separate states, adding that a significant number of those who advocated a federation solution believed that there would be two states on the basis of equality. does not apply in reality, as a federation means a continuation of the Republic of Cyprus.

But is there such a poll?

Sources from the Republican Party denied speaking on our website that there is a poll stating that 80% of Turkish Cypriots want a two-state solution. The same people claimed that with their statements Ersin Tatar and Ersan Saner try to lead the Turkish Cypriot community to assimilation by Turkey, emphasizing that this concerns not only the Turkish Cypriots, but also the Greek Cypriot side, as long as the Cypriot side remains unresolved, both the presence of Turkey in the occupied territories will be more intense. Regarding the forthcoming meeting of the two Leaders in New York, the same sources said they were pessimistic mainly due to the Turkish Cypriot leadership's insistence on a two-state solution, but also because, as reported, President Anastasiadis lost his credibility in the Turkish Cypriot community and internationally. of well-known revelations about the Cyprus Investment Program.

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Source: politis.com.cy

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