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With a response to DIKO and AKEL, the Presidential Palace returns

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With a response to DIKO and AKEL, the Presidential Palace returns

With written answers of the Director of the Press Office of the President of the Republic, Victor Papadopoulos, the President returns today, in order to answer to DIKO and AKEL for everything that is attributed to him.

Victor Papadopoulos' answer to DIKO:

It would be good for DIKO to expose to the people what its positions really are, if it has, in the big problems that plague the citizens and the country at this time, instead of targeting an investment of 300 million euros that came to our country under the rule of Nikos Anastasiadis.

An investment, which remained for some years on paper, without funding, and which helped the area of free Famagusta to develop further, to find jobs for the unemployed, to work hundreds of companies and to upgrade the tourism product of our country.

They will be responsible to the place and the citizens if with the pre-election tactics they follow and for partisan electoral expediencies they expel such investments from our place and prevent others who plan to invest, dragging them daily.

Once again we ask DIKO, since we did not receive an answer, if:

    Does he believe that the Greek Cypriot side should participate in the conference on Cyprus? And if not, which is obviously his position, what cost will he pay? Does DIKO have anything to suggest in relation to the economy, in order to face the terrible consequences of the pandemic? Or will he just vote against the budgets for the sake of an independent government official? Does he insist on what his President said today in the RIK DG Program, and left everyone speechless, that is, to buy unauthorized vaccines, endangering the lives of citizens?

Are these the solutions to the big problems of the pandemic, the economy and the Cyprus problem proposed by DIKO?

All the other means that are being used are just pre-election flash fireworks. Citizens can not be fooled.

The President's response to AKEL's criticisms:

It is understandable the difficulty of AKEL to conduct a pre-election campaign without throwing insults and mud, presenting to the people either positions or proposals or opinions for the solution of its real problems.

That is why, from the very next day after the re-election of Nikos Anastasiadis, he focuses on the effort to tarnish and tarnish the honesty, dignity and personality of the President of the Republic.

Realizing their inability to propose solutions to the problems of the world, they resort to a yellow pre-election propaganda.

At the time of the battle with the pandemic and while thousands of workers and companies are out of work as a result of the measures, the only concern of Mr. Andros Kyprianou lately is to withdraw the decree banning demonstrations, while in the battle to deal with the economic consequences to employees, companies, households and the country's economy, AKEL's proposal is to vote against the budgets, to vote against the guarantees for business lending and to stand in the way of any reforms proposed by the Government.

The people will judge them.

Source: www.philenews.com

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