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ANYTIME. Take the ultimate digital experience by earning… every moment more!

Χρειζεσαι ασφ λεια. Οχι το δραμα!

Anytime in Cyprus is synonymous with reliability, simplicity, innovation and flexibility. Our goal is to offer better insurance and more peace of mind to our customers. Because our vision is a world where all of us will enjoy more safety, at home and on the road. As pioneers in online insurance we have been living in the age of digitization since our creation. We work tirelessly with the constant development and improvement of our customer service experience as our compass.

What does this mean in practice?

We listen to our customers' needs and always seek to develop personalized solutions for them. We reduce and simplify time-consuming, bureaucratic procedures, digitally upgrading each stage of their service. And this to offer our customers peace of mind and more time for everything they love and what really deserves their attention!

Online issuance of car and home contracts

The simplest online insurance process! By receiving a quote for car or home insurance through our website and with just 5 steps to the immediate issuance of the insurance policy, everything is simple, fast and easy, with just a few clicks! And this gives our customers the control and convenience they are looking for in the most friendly and professional way.

E-road assistance

And where stress can be created in the event of a breakdown or accident we remove it, with our new roadside assistance service. Through our site and with a single click, the damage or accident can be reported, without even having to use the phone! A smart service that saves valuable time and makes life easier when you need it most.

Smart Drive

And because good driving behavior offers more to our customers, we have created the innovative application “Smart Drive” which aims to drive safer and reduce accidents on the roads of Cyprus. Thus, each driver can monitor his driving behavior, based on which he collects his score and, depending on it, earns a discount on the renewal of his contract. In addition, he receives useful tips for its improvement and this is something that empowers our customers and helps them in their everyday life.


The Customer's platform, which gives him full online access to his contracts, their management and answers to his most frequent questions. A service created for even more “peace of mind”!


But there is also “Any”, the Anytime digital assistant on our site that provides our customers with information and all the answers to their questions at any time. The epitome of digitization at their service!

Eyes on the future

Our goal is not to replace human communication, but to make it more direct and efficient, so that our customers have the opportunity to devote their time to all that they love and have value for them. For us, evolution means keeping up with the future of communication and that's why we choose digital service with a human face. Because at Anytime we listen to the wishes and recognize the needs of our customers, knowing that every moment is precious and we want them to enjoy it carefree and safe!

ANYTIME. Take the ultimate digital experience by earning… every moment more!

Χρειζεσαι ασφ& lambda;εια. Οχι το δραμα!

Kaiti Alexandrou Fotiadou, Head of Interamerican (Cyprus Branch) – INTERAMERICAN

Source: www.kathimerini.com.cy

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