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A. Dimitriou: To restore our lost credibility

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The new Speaker of the Parliament, Annita Dimitriou, referred to the devaluation that exists for the political process and politicians by the citizens, in her speech immediately after her election. As he said, “I feel that we should work to reduce the gap, we are called today more than ever to restore our lost credibility and to achieve this we must work with objectivity, impartiality and above all collaborations, building the Cyprus of tomorrow, the Cyprus we deserve “.

Initially, the new Speaker of Parliament stated that what she will seek is for the Presidency of the Parliament to be a permanent model of moderation, reconciliation and conciliation.

As he stated, he always considered the Presidency of the Parliament as an institution that must overcome the current political frictions, highlighting its positive and beneficial side of politics, an institution that leads “so that we can all together pave the way for justice, equality, consent “.


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Ms. Dimitriou referred to the devaluation that exists for the political process and politicians and said that “I feel that we should work to reduce the gap”. He also referred to the great responsibility of the elected representatives of the Cypriot people after a peculiar and difficult electoral process and after a peculiar pandemic.

“Today, more than ever, we are called to restore our lost credibility and in order to achieve this, we must work with objectivity, impartiality and, above all, cooperation, building the Cyprus of tomorrow, the Cyprus we deserve,” he said.

At the same time, he said that now more than ever the need to defend democracy and institutions through our own attitude, choices and attitudes becomes necessary. Ms. Dimitriou referred to US Vice President Kamala Harris, who said that democracy is not guaranteed, but is as strong as our willingness to fight for it, to guard it and not to take it for granted, adding that the protection of democracy requires sacrifices. and matches.

The Presidency of the Parliament to be a model of moderation and reconciliation

“So what I will seek is for the Presidency of the Parliament to be a permanent model of moderation, reconciliation and conciliation,” he noted.

He also referred to the serious dangers that lie ahead “if we do not serve the Parliament properly, as the citizens expect from us, if we do not change perceptions, images and performances that hurt and disappointed”. He added that only with the accompanying citizens “can we shape the future we deserve”.

Ms. Dimitriou said that he undertakes the function of the Speaker of the House of Representatives of the Republic of Cyprus with a deep sense of responsibility, which he is ready to manifest in full with the cooperation and assistance of all MPs.

The challenges of the new Parliament

As he said, this is a difficult parliamentary term with very important pending reforms that will establish a new, healthier model of development and will renew the relationship of trust with the citizens. He added that it is the term of the digital transition, of the modernization of the public administration but also of the very operation of the House of Representatives. He also expressed the view that it will be the term that will listen even more to the citizens and will ensure that equality and justice apply to every human being.

“It is the term that is called to open the gates of the Parliament to transparency, participation and to communicate directly and honestly with the citizens. “It is, yes, a term that will remove discrimination and restrictions and strengthen inclusion, that will give new opportunities to all and everyone, whatever they are, wherever they believe, wherever they belong,” he said.

She added that her term is called to manage new challenges, to counter new dangers and to protect the future of the country, for a free, united, peaceful and prosperous common homeland.

In a difficult period, he added, full of negativity and tension, conciliation is required, so that the negotiations can take place and we can get rid of half a century of occupation.

He also said that he does not choose to be dissociative and that work was done in Parliament, many things have improved, however, as he stated, the message is that much more must be done and “we can do it”.

“All of us who believe in democracy and its principles, right, left, centrist, socialist, environmentalist, have to win by sympathy and cooperation, with common values and ideally non-negotiable, united and creative, to win the bet of the European vision and to “Let's face the challenge with meekness and the darkness with determination,” he said.

He thanked DISY and Averoff

He thanked DISY “my second family” as he said to President Averof Neophytou for the honorary proposal, which recognized in a new politician the perspective and symbolism that befits the modern data of our time, a perspective, as he mentioned that did not exist before and has to do with the fact that no woman has ever been elected or claimed the office of Speaker of the House of Representatives.

“I hope this choice will be the beginning of breaking the glass roofs, creating structures, giving opportunities and initiatives by all of us to understand the obvious. “The homeland benefits if each person is distinguished solely on the basis of his value, without being canceled or pulled back due to their characteristics or gender”, he concluded.

The positions of the parties

Then the speech was given by the President of DIKO Nikolas Papadopoulos, who congratulated Mrs. Dimitriou for her election and assured her that the parliamentary group of DIKO will do its utmost to be able to perform the difficult tasks it undertakes, so that a productive dialogue can be conducted in the body that will allow addressing the challenges of the place and society.

Afterwards, the President of the Ecologists 'Movement, Citizens' Cooperation, Charalambos Theopemptou, after congratulating Mrs. Dimitriou expressed the readiness for cooperation, in order to improve things and change procedures for the better in Parliament.

The President of EDEK Marinos Sizopoulos assured Mrs. Dimitriou that they will continue constructively, with synergy and moderation to support the parliamentary work and the effort to upgrade the level of the Cypriot Parliament and to properly represent the people and to restore what the people would like to see happen in a constructive climate.

The President of ELAM Christos Christou wished Mrs. Dimitriou good luck in her difficult task stating that there is a society full of problems that expects a lot from parliament and MPs. He expressed the belief that in this parliamentary period they will be able to find solutions for both economic and social issues.

The President of DIPA Marios Karoyan congratulated Mrs. Dimitriou stating that the election of a woman in the Presidency of the Parliament gives the right messages to the society, that this place and the institutions must go forward and open to the data of the new era. He also mentioned that the challenges are many and need knowledge, experience, knowledge and compositions. He also said that “it is up to us to help you, to do our duty to society”.

The Secretary General of AKEL Andros Kyprianou wished Mrs. Dimitriou every success in the difficult task he undertakes. He assured that AKEL will be constructive, ready to cooperate on all issues in an effort to help the people face the many difficulties that exist and to lead the country forward.

Finally, the Parliamentary Representative of DISY Nikos Tornaritis congratulated Mrs. Dimitriou “on behalf of your second family”, expressing confidence in its success. At the same time, she stated that in a spirit of composition, cooperation both with her and the other political forces, they want to work with a view to the people, the citizens and the messages that were sent to them on May 30th.

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