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Apollon won with an ace up his sleeve and in the penalty shootout!

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Apollon won with an ace up his sleeve and in the penalty shootout!

Apollon returned to the victories, beating the Union 2-1 in Tsirio and remains in contact with Omonia and AEL, which are ahead in the standings.

The Blues reached 54 points and enter third in the playoffs, two points behind the champion Omonia and one of the second AEL, while they have three more than the fourth Anorthosis.

On the other hand, the Union suffered its third defeat in a row and with 24 points remains in 11th place in the standings.

In the game, Apollon was in possession throughout the match, but in the phases he made in the first half, he found Gachevsky against him. The solution for the Limassol team came in the 69th minute, when after a corner by Biseswar, Gerrier, two minutes after entering the field in his first appearance with the blue jersey, jumped higher than everyone and opened the scoring with a header. score.

After the goal, Apollonas controlled, but against the flow of the match, in 79 ', after the intervention of VAR, a penalty in favor of the Union was suggested for Robers's hand. Felipe took over the execution, defeating Jovanovic who also made his debut with Apollon and brought the game to a draw.

The festivities for the guests did not last long, as in the next phase Bensop found the crossbar, with the referee pointing to the white ball, after the effort of the Apollon player was influenced by the holding of his shirt by Balazic. The pass was executed by the passer, he was on target and scored 2-1, which was to be the final result.

The evolution of the match:

90 + 5 ′ – Matei's shot, against Barbosa and left for a corner

87 '- Felipe's shot goes wide

82 ′ – GOAL. 2-1. Bensop executes accurately and puts Apollo in front of the score again

81 ′ BEAM-PENALTY. Bensop's place ends up on the crossbar. A penalty is given for holding Balazic to the Apollon player

79 ′ – GOAL. 1-1. Felipe executes accurately and brings the game to a tie.

77 ′ – The penalty is given.

75 '- Head of Theodoros, left a little out and missed the opportunity for the Union. The phase for Roberts' hand is controlled

69 ′ – GOAL. 1-0. After a corner by Biseswar, Gerrier – two minutes after entering the field – jumped higher than everyone and nailed the ball into the net.

66 ' – Foul by Biseswar, the ball hits the wall and goes just over the crossbar in a corner

59 ' – Desperately out the shot attempted by Vassilios

Start of the second half

At 62% -38% the possession of the ball.

-Apollonas has four finals with three in the goal, one missed for the Union in the first half.

End of the first half

34 ' – Great opportunity for Apollon, Gachevsky cut the shot attempted by Dabo.

24 ′ – Shot by Biseswar, Gachevsky cut with fists and in the rebound Papunashvili tried and he's shot went wide

22 ′ – Papunashvili shot, Gatzewski fell and kicked

21 ′ – Great opportunity for the Union, Theodorou left in the back of the defense, made the place with the ball to go a little out

15΄- Apollo tries to find the ways to threaten the hearth of the Union. No worthwhile final effort so far

1 ′ – Start of the game

SCORER : 69 ′ Guerrier, 83 εν pen. Bensop / 79 ′ pen. Felipe

YELLOWS : 5 ′ Hambos, 39 ′ Saketi (6th), 70 ′ Guerrier / 12 ′ Panos (3rd), 82 ′ Balazic

-In the 72nd minute, the Union coach, Carlos Ferrer, received a yellow card

APOLLO : Jovanovic, Pedro, Roberts, Hambos, Vassiliou (67 ρι Gerrier), Saketi (58 ′ Markovic), Denic, Papunashvili (58 ′ Bensop), Pittas, Bisvesvar, Dabo (85 ′

UNION: Gachevsky, Barney, Lucero, Theodorou, Gando, Kosmas (70 ′ Felipe), Barbosa, Panos (85 υν Udozi), Kyriakou, Balazic

Referee Kyriakos (L / KA) Christodoulou
First Assistant Referee Pavlos Georgiou
Second Assistant Referee Christos Christou E.
Fourth Referee: Konstantinos Christou
Observer Costas Kapitanis
VAR: Christoforou Marios.
AVAR: Tziortzis Homer.

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Source: gipedo.politis.com.cy

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