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“Brigadier Generals” for title

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They “cleaned up” quickly, leaving out Anorthosis and want their first cup on Mars

«Ταξиαρχοι» για τиτλο /></p>
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<p><strong>Aris got a big “double” in “Antonis Papadopoulos”, winning 3-2 against Anorthosis and qualifying for the semi-finals of the Cup. The “light brigade” was 100% effective in the opportunities it found in the first half and scored three goals with Kazoo (13'), Bengchon (24'), Gomis (35'), taking a strong lead in the score. In the second half, Anorthosis tried to reduce as much as it could, scoring in the 57th minute with a penalty with Kastlel, who also scored in the same way in the 90th + 4th minute. Gaiego's team chased the equalizer until the last minute, but couldn't get it and Aris qualified for the next round.</strong></p>
<p>First half</p>
<p> < p>In the first half, the first minutes of the match were informative with both teams moving the ball around. The team that found the first big phase was Anorthosis, as in the 9th minute they threatened with Kastel, who stole the ball inside the area and made a pass from the sideline, but Zandro kicked it for a corner.</p>
<p>Aris managed to score after four minutes in his first phase of the match. In the 13th minute, Kazou from the height of the area made the spot kick in the left corner, beating Arboleda for 1-0.</p>
<p>After Aris' goal, Anorthosis tried to threaten, missing an opportunity in the 18th minute. with Perea's shot, but Zandro collected.</p>
<p>Aris stood very well in the defensive part and in the 24th minute he managed to score a second goal in his second attempt in the match. Begçon started the phase by passing from the right to Savo, who after the turn hit the second post outside the area, where Begçon was, who with a strong shot made it 2-0 for his team.</p>
<p>Then, where Anorthosis tried to keep the ball, create phases and reduce, came the 3rd goal for Aris. In the 35th minute, after a counterattack, Savo and Gomis worked together nicely, with the latter in the area scoring a goal for 3-0.</p>
<p>Later, Anorthosis lost two good chances, in the 42nd minute, with Ferreira's high shot of the area, the ball just outside the vertical right post and in the 44th minute, with another shot by Tehera, Zandro was difficult to clear.</p>
<p>So the first half ended with the score 3-0 in favor of Aris.</p>
<p>Second half</p>
<p>In the second half, Anorthosis came on strong to quickly reduce the score and lost in the 50' double chance with a shot by Chiko, Zandro cleared, another shot by Perea, again Zandro cleared for a corner.</p>
<p>Gaiego's team continued to look for the goal to reduce and in the 55' they won a penalty after VAR intervention. The execution was undertaken by Castel, who reduced the score to 3-1 in the 57th minute.</p>
<p>Aris then played with a more defensive plan, trying to cover his marks and strike on the counterattack, greatly limiting the attacks of Anorthosis.</p>
<p>In the 72', Aris missed a good chance with Modnor, who from the side inside the area made the place, the ball out.</p>
<p>In the last minutes, Anorthosis went up and tried to reduce the score even more. In the 79th minute, a great opportunity was missed for the hosts, with Gassama in a shooting position, he took the shot, but sent the ball wide.</p>
<p>In stoppage time, Anorthosis managed to reduce the score to 3-2 with a well-placed penalty kick by Castel at 90+4'. Anorthosis chased the equalizer until the last minute, losing a good chance with Tsikos, who, in a shooting position, did not manage to find the ball and Aris's team moved away. Thus, the match ended 3-2 in favor of Aris, who also qualified. </p>
<p>Recovery: Arboleda, Wague, Marmouk, Correa Tejera, Castel, Ferreira (72' Gassama), Tune (46' Ioannou), Makoun, Perea ( 90+6' Kargas), Tsiko.</p>
<p>On the bench: Michael, Keravnos Paroutis, Antoniou, Correa, Giuliou, Musonda, Chrysostomou.</p>
<p>Aris: Zandro, Kazou, Musuda, Bengchson (65' Modnor), Gomis (65' Kakorin), Iago, Maiabella (46' Semedo), Nikolic (83' Brorson), Savo (77' Maticic), Szoke, Urosevic.</p>
<p>On the bench: Vana, Sofroniou, Sane, Brosson, Sumanski</p>
<p>Scorers: 57', 90+4' Castel (pen.)/13' Kazou, 24' Bengtsson, 35' Gomis</p>
<p>Rejections : /</p>
<p>Referee: Jovanovic Srdjan<br />VAR: Obrenovic Rade</p>
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