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“It is likely that we will see a jump in the price of fuel overnight” – Fears for 2 euros per liter (Video)

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«Πιθανν να δ&omicron με μια λεε υηστων–ο ιιαεολνεο

The representative of the Association of Gas Station Owners, Christodoulos Christodoulou, spoke on the show UPDATE NOW about the possibility of fuel price jumps due to the extraordinary situation in the Middle East with the expected Israeli retaliation against Iran.

As he said, the increases came at the end of last week. However, “nothing is certain yet. The prices of crude oil have not changed”, noted Mr. Christodoulou.

“At the moment diesel is at 1.61 and 95 gasoline at 1.54”.

However, as he said, “it is likely that we will see a jump in fuel prices from one day to the next”, while there are fears that we will see gasoline reaching two euros per liter.

On the other side, the president of the Consumers Association , takes the opposite view.

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Source: 24h.com.cy

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