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“ktiZO” project: This is how you can solve your questions

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The Senior Urban Planning and Housing Officer, Irini Giannakou, estimated that in two years the projects of the first phase will be completed

ΣχΕδιο «κτΙΖΩ»: Eτσι μ πορελς να λλσεις τις απορλες σου

The Senior Urban Planning and Housing Officer, Irini Giannakou, spoke about the new Grant Scheme for Existing Apartment Buildings in Government Settlements for the Housing of Displaced Persons “ktiZO”, estimating that in two years the projects of the first phase will be completed, which starts May 2nd.

Speaking to “SPORT FM 95.0” and the “NEWS DISTRIBUTION” show, Ms. Giannakou explained that the program concerns a total of 358 existing apartment buildings in government settlements in Nicosia, Larnaca and Limassol, which have been classified into three categories. The 43 apartment buildings belong to the first category for which priority will be given as they have the most structural and structural problems. 70 are in the second category which have more limited problems and need to be evaluated and the remaining 245 are in the third category.

According to Mrs. Giannakou, the cost of repairing the 43 apartment buildings is close to the cost of reconstruction since they have been judged to be unsuitable for repair. “The apartment buildings in question are not dangerous, they have various construction problems but there should be no panic that the apartment building will collapse,” he clarified.

He emphasized that the tenants of the 43 apartment buildings have been informed and will receive a letter within two weeks, while the local authorities have invited them to a rally which will take place tomorrow at 5:00 pm. at Strovolos Municipal Hall for further information. At the same time, citizens can call 22409804 and 22409805 in order to be informed about their own case. It is noted that all the information is posted on the websites of the Urban Planning and the Ministry of the Interior.

Indeed, many citizens have already started submitting questions as, according to the Officer, they have received many questions via email which will be answered as soon as the email is working, by tomorrow.

Source: www.kathimerini.com.cy

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