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“Love in the years of the coronavirus” – A love story in difficult times

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“Love in the years of the coronavirus” will be the title of the new mini-series prepared by the TV network Freeform. This, as the title suggests, is a love story that unfolded during this very difficult and strange time we are going through.

The network announced the cast that will star and who are the actors: Leslie Odom Jr. (Hamilton), Nicolette Robinson (The Affair), Tommy Dorfman (13 Reasons Why), Rainey Qualley (Mad Men), Gil Bellows (Patriot), Rya Kihlstedt (One Mississippi), Ava Bellows (This Toall Shall Pass) and L. Scott Caldwell (Lost).

“Love in the Time of Corona” follows four interrelated stories about the search for love and relationship during quarantine. The couple Leslie Odom Jr. and Nicolette Robinson, play James and Sade, a couple who lived a somewhat different life: They have a busy career that forces them to be constantly away from home, where their daughter grows up. But when the pandemic occurs then they are forced to stay home. The time they spend with them leads to a reassessment of their relationship and their priorities.

Tommy Dorfman as Oscar, a successful non-binary stylist and Rainey Qualley as Elle, an aspiring singer-songwriter. With the uncertainty of the pandemic, Oscar and Elle's platonic friendship becomes more and more complicated. Gil Bellows plays Paul, his lifetime wife Rya Kihlstedt plays Sarah, and their daughter Ava Bellows plays Sophie. After divorcing months earlier, Paul and Sarah reluctantly decided to quarantine together when their daughter, Sophie, returns home from college.

But when Sophie suddenly breaks up with her lover then Paul and Sarah decide to continue making the “happy couple” for the sake of their daughter.

L. Scott Caldwell plays Nanda, a tough woman who is determined to celebrate the 50th anniversary of her marriage to her husband, Charles, played by Charlie Robinson.

Charles cannot return home from a rehabilitation facility when COVID-19 forces them to close at home.

Love in the Time of Corona will premiere in August.

Source: politis.com.cy

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