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'Partygate': Dominoes resign on Downing Street as the noose is tightened for Johnson

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'Partygate': Dominoes resign on Downing Street as the noose is tightened for Johnson

The “partygate” has led to five – so far – resignations of close associates of Boris Johnson, the parties in the middle of a lockdown on Downing Street, while the circle around the British Prime Minister himself is narrowing.

Elena Narozanski, Boris Johnson's special adviser on gender equality, culture, media and other issues, has been added to the list of Johnson's associates who have left in recent hours. Former England national team boxer and former adviser to Michael Gove.

Her resignation follows the resignations of four more close associates yesterday: Chief of Staff Dan Rosenfield, Munira Mirza, head of policy-making, Downing Street communications chief Jack Doyle and Martin Reynolds Gro .n.

The latter is called by the British press “Marty Party” because he is said to be the man who organized one of the parties in the garden of the prime minister's residence, inviting the guests to “bring their own drink” on a relaxed spring night

Cabinet members believe there is a “50/50” chance that Boris Johnson will now be fired from Downing Street. Some ministers believe that “the end is coming” for Johnson's presidency because of the chaos brought by Partygate.

Outraged Conservative MPs have warned Johnson that he must “comply or withdraw” amid growing anger in the political world as well as in society. But the British prime minister's allies insist that the clearing on Downing Street and the mass change of faces are proof that Johnson is “taking responsibility”

In a desperate bid to back his troubled prime minister, the British prime minister has ordered a massive crackdown as Finance Minister Risi Sunak prepares to take over.

The latter wrote an opinion article in the Sun newspaper yesterday in which he allegedly presents, although covertly, his possible leadership credentials for the prime minister's chair.

“We always had a party… healthy money, we will continue to do it and this is the only kind of party that interests me.”

The chaos on Downing Street is growing as the total number of Tory lawmakers who have publicly confirmed that they sent letters of no confidence in Boris Johnson to 1922 Commission President Sir Graham Brady has risen to seven. The actual number of letters submitted is believed to be multiple, as most Members do not disclose it publicly.

The no-confidence motion limit is currently set at 54 letters, and many Tory lawmakers believe it is “inevitable” to do so. Johnson's position is increasingly precarious and some cabinet members believe he is likely to be forced to resign.

A top cabinet official told the Times:

“I feel the end has come, everything is falling apart. “The chances of Johnson leaving are, in my opinion, 50/50 at the moment.”

Source: cnn.gr

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