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Police are investigating cases of throwing a crack in a park, and attacking police officers and firefighters

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Police are investigating cases of throwing a crack in a park, and attacking police officers and firefighters

Cases of throwing a crack in a park, but also an attack against Police and Firefighters, who were called to extinguish a fire in a school, are being investigated by the Police, in Nicosia.

According to a police announcement, in the first case, around 7 p.m. Yesterday, Sunday, passengers of a car moving on a road outside a park in Nicosia, allegedly threw a cracker inside the park.

A number of minors were at the scene where the cracker exploded, with one of them, aged 13, complaining of eye irritation.

From the police examinations, who were called to the scene, a testimony was provided, according to which the driver of the car was a 17-year-old resident of Nicosia, while two other persons, also aged 17, were riding in it.

The three 17-year-olds were called to the Strovolos Police Station, where they were interrogated in the presence of their guardians. The 17-year-old alleged driver of the vehicle was charged in writing with various traffic offenses.

As for the 13-year-old, he visited an ophthalmologist and received medication, while a visit is expected again for a review of his condition.

Strovolos Police Station continues the examinations.

Besides, according to a police announcement, around 6 p.m. Yesterday, the Police received information about a fire in a school yard in Lakatameia. Members of the Police and the Fire Service, went immediately to the scene, to extinguish the fire.

Upon arrival on the scene, police and firefighters were stoned to death by a group of young men with their hoods covered.

Some of them, holding sticks in their hands, allegedly moved aggressively against the police. Aid from the Nicosia Police Department was called to the scene and went, with the result that the above persons fled, in an unknown direction.

The fire was extinguished by members of the Fire Department, without causing any damage to the school building.

The Lakatamia Police Station is investigating the case.

Source: KYPE

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