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The Legal Committee is seeking justice for 46 candidate police officers who complain of unequal treatment

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Justice and a second chance were requested on Friday in the Legal Committee of the Parliament by 46 candidate police officers, who, while passing the first psychometric test in which they underwent and which was canceled, because & # 8220; fell & # 8221; in court, were cut in a second to which they underwent six months later. The Legal Committee called on the competent authorities to return within fifteen days to suggest a final solution to the problem.

A representative of the 46 complained to the Commission that in the second examination an e-mail had been sent to the candidates without saying what the examination would include, while there were many gaps in the examination. The examinees, as he said, received ironies from a supervisor of the examination center when they attended the exams.

The Chairman of the Committee, DISY MP Nikos Tornaritis stated after the end of the Committee, that they tried to find solutions and that the Legal Service told them that there is no legal solution. He also said that the limit for taking the exam is 35 years and asked to be extended to 38 so that no one who wants to take the exam will be wronged in the exams that will be immediately announced by the Ministry of Justice.

At the same time, he said that there should be a secondary situation, so that the result of the complex examination of the company that is set to do the psychometric tests is not established and as it appears from the testimonies heard from the Commission, it turns out that the second procedure was complicated, instead of being simpler since the first procedure was canceled.

He added that of the 46 people who have been rejected, one is a criminologist with a master's degree and dissertation, and wondered what kind of psychometric tests the company is doing, for which serious complaints were heard regarding the behavior of employees towards the candidates. He also said that he asked the Chief of Police to study the matter and if there was something similar not to re-assign the project to the company.

AKEL MP, Andreas Passiourtidis, spoke of a fiasco, noting that millions of mistakes follow, referring to the mistake created by the first process which & # 8220; fell & # 8221; in the court. “In front of us,” he said, “we have a blatant injustice” for 46 children who were deprived a lot after hard work, financial burdens, sacrifices of their families, while some quit their jobs and some have both master's and doctoral degrees. >

He said, at the same time, that certain candidates have now reached the age limit and can not attend exams again, being deprived of their future in the Police, which they rightly consider to have what they did with the first time they passed the exams. He added that they are at everyone's disposal to find a solution within the legal framework that is allowed.

ELAM MP, Sotiris Ioannou, said that they asked for a solution to be found in order to redress this injustice. In the face of the huge shortcomings, he said, that exist in the police force, there are 46 people who want to join the security forces, having passed the relevant examinations and face a huge injustice, which could lead to dangerous situations for the future of all recruitments.

DIPA-Cooperation of Democrats MP Alekos Tryfonidis said that a great effort is being made to justify these 46 young graduates, lawyers, criminologists, etc. who for two years are struggling with huge costs and effort to join the security forces. He sent the message to the competent authorities that they must find the legal ways so that these 46 candidates can go to the final process of the sports exams to enter if they succeed in the police school. He added that they do not accept to hear that there is no solution and called on the President of the Republic to bow to the issue to find a solution to justify them.

The Chief of Police, Stelios Papatheodorou, said that regarding the 46 candidate police officers, they will study the suggestions and will return, adding that he does not have anything in mind so that the failed ones can be considered successful. Regarding the company that conducts the psychometric tests, he stated that they have not received any complaints about the attitude or behavior of members of the company.

The President of the Cyprus Police Association, Kyriakos Charalambous, called the state and the competent bodies to find solutions, so that the candidates can pass to the next stage of the sports tests.

The President of the Police Division & # 8220; Equality & # 8221 ;, Nikos Loizidis, stated that if no immediate solution is found with the 46 candidates, “we will have their justification in the near future, in the Administrative Court and the same repeated cancellation of recruitments for 2022 ». He said that psychometric tests should be terminated by a private company, because people with a general high school of 14/20 are hired and criminologists with university degrees stay out.

The lawyer of 40 of them 46 candidates, Georgios Karapatakis, said that they do not accept in any case in a state governed by the rule of law an injustice committed against 46 people and to say that they were indeed wronged but there is no solution. He expressed the position that there is a solution, as long as there is the corresponding will. He said that next Wednesday at 10.30 a new protest will be held outside the Presidential Palace and they will ask the President of the Republic to intervene in the issue, because as he said there is a clear violation of the constitutional principle of equal treatment.

Source: politis.com.cy

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