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Bad weather “Ballos”: Efforts to locate the two missing pilgrims on Mount Athos are fruitless

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The efforts of the authorities to locate the two missing pilgrims from Mount Athos are evolving into a thriller, following an alarm that sounded today at 6 in the morning.

They are two members of a group of Ukrainian pilgrims , who were disoriented last night due to the severe bad weather that prevailed in the area. Early this morning, a total of 8 Firefighters were notified and mobilized with a group of O.O.E.D. of the 2nd EMAK, however, so far there have been no new data on the development of the business.

According to information from Voria.gr , it was a group of nine people who climbed the mountain. During the descent, however, two people – the missing – were left behind. When the others realized their absence, they returned to find them, but to no avail.

As the members of the group point out, they disappeared on Mount Athos near the Monastery of Agios Pavlos. 4 climbers of the 2nd EMAK and 4 firefighters from Halkidiki Stations rushed to the spot.

At the mercy of bad weather Northern and Western Greece: Videos and images from the disasters

At the same time, the country is in the vortex of unprecedented storms of bad weather “Ballos” , mourning a dead man in Evia, who was swept away by rushing waters. From Friday night, everything predicted that it would be a difficult night, especially for Northern Greece, as the phenomena of the bad weather “Ballos” stopped in Attica and spread to other areas.

The most serious problems during the night were caused in Northern Greece. The volumes of water forced the Traffic Police to stop the traffic of vehicles at the 378th kilometer of Egnatia, in the current towards Kavala. The rains were heavy in Lagadas, Thessaloniki. According to thestival, after a stream overflowed in the village of Zagliveri, the assistance of the Fire Brigade was needed in order to free four people from their homes and transport them to safe places.

At the same time, a message from the Civil Protection was sent late last night to residents of Thessaloniki, Halkidiki, Lagada and Volvi to avoid unnecessary travel.

GRTimes photos show an elderly vehicle, which he said was saved at the last minute from the rushing waters of the torrent, coming out and jumping the wall of the house.

At the same time, Anthemountas overflowed, with the result that the airport-Perea road was flooded, while the traffic jam was huge:

Meanwhile, Western Greece is also hit by the bad weather “Ballos”, where in Patras, Etoloakarnania and Arta heavy rains have occurred. The first problems have been recorded in Agrinio and specifically in the area of Kato Tragana, as rivers and torrents have overflowed. The fire brigade is on its feet and has already started the first water pumps from homes and businesses. In Messolonghi, the fire brigade had to intervene in order to remove an elderly man, who was not in danger, but could not leave his house.

Machinery of the municipality of Thermi (trucks and graders) tried to remove the carried materials from the river, in order to pass the water from below and to open the road again.

Huge disasters in Corfu – The inhabitants are in despair

Ballos also struck Corfu with menos, causing extensive damage and leaving behind revealing images. Roads were turned into rivers, and hundreds of people called the fire department for help. Even Super Puma was recruited in the battle, which gathered citizens who had climbed on the rooftops to be saved.

Roads in Corfu have been turned into rushing torrents, which drag everything in their path. EMAK firefighters and men enter the water that exceeds one meter. People are calling for help. All efforts are focused on not endangering anyone. Release operations are ongoing.

The damage to infrastructure in Moraitika is enormous. The port has been destroyed, while the boats went ashore. Homes and shops were flooded, while hotel units full of tourists suffered extensive damage.

Finally, disasters occurred in Ilia, while Evros was put on alert. The most serious problems arose in Corfu, as the island was cut in two. ” In the areas of Savalia, Gastouni , Barda, Manolada and Kourouta, most of the problems caused by the wave of bad weather in Ilia are located ,” the deputy regional governor, Vassilis Giannopoulos, told the Athenian-Macedonian News Agency.

At the same time, as he stressed, ” no problems were recorded in the areas affected by the fires of last summer “.

In particular, according to the deputy governor, “in the area of Savalia, various drainage ditches and irrigation canals are branching, which have caused floods in crops, while a similar situation was caused in the area between Barda and Manolada”. In the aforementioned areas, as Mr. Giannopoulos told APE – MPE, “machines are constantly operating, so that there is a drainage of water”.

The rescue operation in Styra, Evia, was also dramatic, where a firefighter was tied with a rope and successfully released a family of five tourists.


Bad weather “Ballos”: Ukrainian pilgrims are missing on Mount Athos – Firefighting operation in progress

Images of revelation brought by “Ballos”: At the mercy of the catastrophic phenomenon, Northern and Western Greece (video / photo)

Greece at the mercy of “Ballos”: Frame by frame the release of tourists, 30 million tons of water fell in Kifissos (video)

Source: politis.com.cy

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