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EY Cyprus signed a memorandum of cooperation with the University of Cyprus

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The Agency will offer scholarships to MBA and MSc Finance students and cover undergraduate CFA certification costs

Η EY Κύπρου υπΕγρα&psi ;ε μνημoνιο συνεργασΙας με το Πα&nu ;επιστorμιο Κyπρου

EY Cyprus has signed a Memorandum of Cooperation with the University of Cyprus to offer scholarships to current and prospective students in combination with employment opportunities at EY.

Η EY Κύπρου υπΕγρα&psi ;ε μνημoνιο συνεργασΙας με το Πα&nu ;επιστorμιο Κyπρου

The Memorandum of Cooperation was signed on November 27, 2023 by Stelios Dimitriou, Partner, Head of Strategy & of Transactions (SaT), between EY Cyprus and the University of Cyprus.

Η EY Κύπρου υπΕγρα&psi ;ε μνημoνιο συνεργασΙας με το Πα&nu ;επιστorμιο Κyπρου

The partnership marks an important milestone for both organisations, as it aims to empower and support aspiring students and professionals by supporting them financially to obtain a high-level education.

EY Cyprus will offer full scholarships (or the equivalent of a combination of full and partial scholarship) to two MBA and two MSc Finance students with strong academic performance, coupled with the possibility of employment with EY. In addition, EY will undertake to cover the costs of CFA certification for undergraduate students, while offering an internship contract with EY.

Η EY Κύπρου υπΕγρ αψε μνημoνιο συνεργασiας με το &Pi ανεπιστorμιο Κyπρου

The University of Cyprus will collect the CVs of the interested students, complete the first assessment, based on academic performance, and inform the students who are eligible to apply for a scholarship. Eligible students who apply will go through EY's recruitment process, after which EY will notify successful applicants and offer them a contract of employment for a position at EY Cyprus.

Η EY Κύπρου υπΕγρα&psi ;ε μνημoνιο συνεργασΙας με το Πα&nu ;επιστorμιο Κyπρου

On the occasion of the signing of the Memorandum, Stelios Dimitriousaid: “I was honored to sign MoUs with the MBA and MSc Finance programs of the University of Cyprus, through which EY will offer scholarships to postgraduate students and cover the cost of CFA certification for undergraduates. It is our intention to offer these scholarships on an annual basis. This partnership reaffirms our commitment to creating the transformational leaders the world needs and building a better working world. At EY, we believe in creating talent and fostering innovative perspectives and, in this context, we are giving ambitious young people the opportunity to gain hands-on experience and start their careers in EY's fast-growing team.”

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