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Since politicians do not say it, we say it

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Since politicians do not say it, we say it

Yesterday, the President of the Republic Nikos Anastasiadis, who is in New York, hosted a dinner for the members of the UN Security Council. Apparently during the lunch the President informed the members about the developments, which do not exist, in the Cyprus issue. After the dinner, the Presidency of the Republic announced that “all the Permanent Members of the Security Council conveyed their support for the President's efforts to restart the process, emphasizing their commitment to the decisions of the UN Security Council, which determine the basis for a solution to the Cyprus problem.” .

The statement also said that “on the basis of the recent Presidential Declaration, they condemned the actions of Turkey and reiterated the need to reverse them, but also to adhere to the provisions of Resolutions 550 and 789”.

Along with this action, during his long stay in New York he had other contacts with various actors, white, black, yellow, whom he also informed about the course of the Cyprus issue, while in his address to the UN General Assembly yesterday he denounced the Turkey for its attitude towards Cyprus, sending during the journalistic evaluations “strong messages in all directions”.

If we go back in time to almost half a century, we have exactly the same data and information. Every year, at such a time, the current President of the Republic travels with a large delegation to New York, spending some days having “important contacts”, meeting with heads of state and exposing Turkish intransigence and expansiveness to the UN General Assembly.

Every year we hear the same things. What does not remain the same is that the Cyprus problem, our so-called national problem, which every year goes from bad to worse. Every year at such a time, the finding is that Turkey is imposing its plans on the ground, while we are just whining in front of the international community. In fact, in recent years we have to deal with Turkey and its plans, not only on land and in the territory of the Republic of Cyprus but also in the maritime region that according to international law belong to our country. In other words, we have a second invasion after the 1974 invasion. A second invasion that no one was able to prevent. Neither the appeals to the UN, nor our accession to the European Union, nor the bilateral, trilateral, quadripartite or other multilateral agreements that the Republic of Cyprus has concluded in recent years with neighboring and other countries.

By quoting these incomprehensible events, one can easily see that the Cyprus problem will not be solved, it cannot be solved with the ways and methods that we follow from 1974 onwards. It was not resolved until now when we were dealing with the mass of Turkish Cypriots among whom there were some moderates who were ready for conciliation. We now clearly have Turkey and Ankara's expansionist policy in front of us. We now have 47 years of occupation with everything done on the ground. We now have a state formation in the occupied with state institutions and structures that many countries recognize and cooperate with. What do we expect to recognize reality and move accordingly? Why not tell the truth to the world and explain the realities? How long will we perpetuate myths and illusions?

Because our leadership does not seem to be in the mood to tell the people these truths we will do it. In the next period, through a series of articles and analyzes that will cover all aspects of the Cyprus problem, we will reveal the realities, informing the citizens and revealing the politicians.

Source: 24h.com.cy

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