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Ten of the strangest Easter customs in the world – One of the most famous in Cyprus (PICTURES)

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Δεκα απo τα πι&omicron πασεσχαινστον μο αιοση&rho ;ο (ΕΙΚΟΝΕΣ)

Easter is undoubtedly one of the most important holidays in Cyprus, accompanied not only by abundant food, but and with manners, customs and traditions, which are known to all of us.

However, in some parts of the world, the customs of Easter hide several oddities, which without knowing them could be characterized as “strange”.

Red eggs in Cyprus and Greece

Red eggs in Cyprus and Greece


But first let's start with painting red eggs, one of the most well-known customs in Cyprus and Greece.

Δεκα απo τα πιο π&alpha ;ρεναχαινστομ οναποσην (ΕΙΚΟΝΕΣ)

According to our tradition, the egg symbolizes the renewal of life for Orthodox Christians since ancient times, while the red color symbolizes the blood of Christ itself. In fact, the reddening of eggs is always done on Maundy Thursday, the same day that Christ offered bread and wine to his disciples during the Last Supper, symbolizing his body and blood.

Giant omelette in France

In the town of Haux, France, every year before Easter, they make a giant omelette for which thousands of eggs are broken.

Δεκα απo τα πιο π&alpha ;ρεναχαινστομ οναποσην (ΕΙΚΟΝΕΣ)

Tradition even states that this particular custom began when Napoteón with his army traveled to the South of France and stopped in a small town to eat omelettes. Then Napoleon was so enthralled by the deliciousness that he asked the locals to make a giant omelette for the next day.

The 'Divine Drama' in the Philippines

In the Philippines, residents are willing to experience the crucifixion of Christ in real conditions. Some believers even intend to be crucified in order to experience part of the suffering that Christ went through.

Δεκα απo τα πιο π&alpha ;ρεναχαινστομ οναποσην (ΕΙΚΟΝΕΣ)

Indeed they stay for a few minutes nailed to a cross like that of Christ, to repent of their sins.


Reenactment of the crucifixion in Mexico

Unlike the Philippines, in Istapalapa, Mexico on Good Friday there is a reenactment of the crucifixion of Christ.

Δεκα απo τα πιο π&alpha ;ρεναχαινστομ οναποσην (ΕΙΚΟΝΕΣ)

This is done by whipping and with fake blood. There is essentially a man who impersonates Christ and prepares for this day all year round.

Wood in Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia

One more A strange custom prevails in the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia, with tradition ordering men to whip their wives on Holy Monday.

Δεκα απo τα πιο π&alpha ;ρεναχαινστομ οναποσην (ΕΙΚΟΝΕΣ)

These are handmade whips made of willow and decorated with ribbons. According to tradition, in this way women maintain their beauty and health.

The “dance of death” in Spain

In the city Verges, Spain, on Holy Tuesday the so-called “dance of death” takes place. Participants are dressed in masks and costumes, with the dance ending in a gathering of masked skeletons holding boxes filled with ashes.

Δεκα απo τα πιο π&alpha ;ρεναχαινστομ οναποσην (ΕΙΚΟΝΕΣ)

This dance starts at midnight and continues for three hours.

Easter Bilbies in Australia

In Australia instead of making chocolate Easter Bunnies , make the so-called “Easter Bilbies”.

Δεκα απo τα πιο π&alpha ;ρεναχαινστομ ο ναποσην (ΕΙΚΟΝΕΣ)

In Australia, the majority is against rabbits, since when they first appeared in the 18th century, they started destroying their crops. So in their attempt to exclude them from local traditions, they began to adopt Bilbies, which are Australian marsupials, in their place.

An Easter dedicated to crime in Norway

Every year during the Easter period, Norwegian citizens buy crime novels, while at the same time most TV channels show various crime shows.

Δεκα απo τα πιο π&alpha ;ρεναχαινστομ οναποσην (ΕΙΚΟΝΕΣ)

This particular tradition began around 1923, when a newspaper had an advertisement for a crime novel on its cover. The way the paper presented it made people think it was a real story.

Kite flying in Bermuda

In Bermuda on Good Friday, residents fly kites, which for them symbolizes Christ's journey to heaven.

Δεκα απo τα πιο π&alpha ;ρεναχαινστομ οναποσην (ΕΙΚΟΝΕΣ)

Tradition has it that Christ needed a way to help his disciples understand his Ascension, so he made a kite.

Recycling Christmas trees in Germany >

In Germany, the tradition is to light Easter fires from Christmas trees that have already been used.

Δκαπιοπεαπα&sigma χινσο–να ; πιο γωτκπο

This act symbolizes the victory of the beauty of sunny spring over the cold and hazy days of winter.


Source: 24h.com.cy

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