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They have no law to deal with charlatan doctors – Tied their hands

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They have no law to deal with charlatan doctors - Their hands are tied

Complaints from the environment of the 47-year-old who died of coronavirus entered the microscope of the police and it seems that the doctor, who was not even his staff, did not follow the proper procedure and at the same time prevented him from being vaccinated. Following relevant instructions from the Attorney General, the police authorities began taking statements.

“A deposit has already been received. The case will be investigated to determine if criminal offenses occur. “It is too early to mention names,” police spokesman Christos Andreou told Omega.

Moreover, on the occasion of the tragic incident, the Pancyprian Medical Association addressed a dramatic appeal to the citizens to avoid the charlatans-doctors.

The Vice President of PIS, Athos Georgiou stated: “Get vaccinated: The issue is not only the treatment but also the prevention, how do we get here. And in order to cancel any charlatans or any heretics in quotation marks, from the beginning the PIS was clearly placed, calling on everyone to be vaccinated “.

The doctors' association, however, is upset, saying neither more nor less, that its hands are legally tied, since the legislation that governs it does not allow it to take actions such as the removal of a license to practice. An issue that has been discussed for years and was put on the table a few weeks ago at a relevant meeting in the legal service on the occasion of the allegations of issuing fake vaccination certificates.

“There is no tool from the legislator to react unless it is proven by other institutions such as the police that someone does not give proper treatment and then very clearly as we did in the past we remove the license to practice. Unfortunately we can only make recommendations and we did.” , noted the Vice President of PIS.

“Finally, how many meetings does he have! We have reached a point where we have been distorted, we have all the data. We have had the diagnosis for 40 years, we have to proceed with the treatment “, said the member of the team of doctors within GeSy, Vassos Oikonomou.

Morphou is coming out of quarantine

In another development, the Metropolitan of Morphou, who fell ill with coronavirus, returns to his duties on Monday, according to an announcement by the Holy Metropolis of Morphou.

The recovery of the Most Venerable Metropolitan of Morphou Mr. Neophytos from covid disease 19, with which he had recently fallen ill with mild symptoms, by the grace of God has been completed and also the prescribed period of his home confinement has expired, the Diocese states in a relevant announcement. .

They left 15 days apart

At the same time, the fate of a mother and son in Larnaca, who fell ill with coronavirus and lost the battle a few days apart, played a bad game. This is the 46-year-old Panikos Neophytou who leaves his wife and two children, who was treated in the intensive care unit of the Nicosia Hospital. The news of his death spread grief with his friend and AKEL MP Nikos Kettiros saying goodbye to him on social media.

“It's unbelievable. We lost Panic. Despite the fight you gave, you did not succeed, my friend. We were together from the kindergarten in Kiti. From the first day. “Where are you going now, my Panikko”, AKEL MP Nikos Kettiros wrote on social media.

20 days earlier, the mother of the 46-year-old gave her own battle against the coronavirus, but she did not manage to emerge victorious either.

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