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Ballot boxes for AKEL

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Ballot boxes for AKEL

The time for announcements for AKEL in view of the parliamentary elections has arrived. Ballot boxes for potential party candidates are being set up today, with Party Base Groups being called upon to decide on party candidates by province. The validation of the results will take place in the Central Committee on Saturday and the official announcement of the candidacies will probably follow.

The process was completed yesterday in the provincial committees, except for the province of Larnaca, which will complete today, with the list of nominees and their ranking going to today's provincial conference for a final vote and determination of the final list of candidates for each ballot. province. As for the result of the vote of the provincial committees, the information states that there were no surprises, as first-class party executives remained far below the ranking in relation to other people.

This fact has not gone unnoticed in the party wells and despite the fact that this is not particularly important in today's vote, it is nevertheless something that is being discussed among party officials, mainly as to how party members work in the provincial committees and causing discomfort. It should be noted, of course, that the number of people who voted in the provincial elections is not large. It is indicative as it is said that in Nicosia 40 people voted, with the difference between the first and the tenth in the ranking being only three votes.


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Nevertheless, the fact that first-class executives remained quite low in the rankings with only the parliamentary representative of the party, Giorgos Loukaidis, who was second, saved, caused some murmurs. It is indicative as it is said that the spokesman of the party Stefanos Stefanou was 8th in a row, MP Aristos Damianou 11th, the provincial of Nicosia – Kyrenia, Christos Christofidis 15th, and in the penultimate position (18th), the first in cross preferences in 2016 , Irini Charalambidou.

In Limassol, first in the ranking was Julia Khovrina-Komnenos, from Russia, while the lawyer and president of Monogony, Argentoula Ioannou, was ranked 15th.

In Famagusta, first on the list is the current AKEL MP, Giannakis Gabriel, while Chrysanthos Zannetos, the provincial secretary of Famagusta, was in 8th place, while the internationalist / political analyst, Charalambos Chrysostomou, was only in 13th place.

Party officials, however, pointed out to “F” that the order in which they go to the polls today has nothing to do with the final result.

According to our information, 16 polling stations across Cyprus will operate today. All AKEL members elected to a party post have the right to vote, which in total number about 2,000 people. Every member who has the right to vote, votes in his province. For the provinces of Famagusta and Kyrenia, a parallel vote will be taken on both the place of residence and the place of origin of each member originating from the occupied provinces. It is noted that based on the party's statutes, the Central Committee has the possibility to make a change in the ballot, but it is not something that is common. It has only happened once in the past. Therefore, essentially the current result will determine the party ballot by province. It should also be noted that today's provincial conferences will be limited to the electoral part only due to the pandemic and restrictive measures.

Beyond that, as for the names of potential candidates, the data is as follows:

>> Nicosia: There are 27 people on the list. AKEL Secretary General Andros Kyprianou will lead the party ballot. Candidates will also be the parliamentary representative of AKEL George Loukaidis as well as the spokesman of the party Stefanos Stefanou. Aristos Damianou and Irini Charalambidou will also reclaim the position. The secretary of the Nicosia-Kyrenia District, Christos Christofidis, will also be on the ballot, as well as Leontios Filotheou and Haris Polykarpou, who was also first in the provincial rankings. The names of the actress Popi Abraham, the journalist Rolandos Skettos and the secretary general of EDON Severos Koulas, as well as of course the president of OELMEK Giannou Socratous, who according to our information was third in terms of ranking, also passed.

>> Limassol: There are more than 12 names on the list. The three MPs of the party, Giorgos Georgiou, Costas Kostas and Andros Kafkalias are considered confident. From there, the names of Julia Khovrina-Komnenos, lawyer Argentoula Ioannou, Afxentis Zemenidis, as well as Marina Nikolaou, Petros Cleanthous, Loizos Mavroudis, Apostolos Psaras, Pelias Giannas and Gioulia Komni go to the polls.

>> Famagusta: The list includes the names of MPs Nikos Kettiros and Giannakis Gabriel, Chrysanthos Zannetos, AKEL Famagusta provincial and son of Venizelos Zannetos. Also the names of the journalist and presenter of RIK Giannas Iakovou, Pampos Chrysostomou, Spyros Vassilios, Andreas Kounnis, Georgias Tsalakou, Costas Konstantinos and George Koukoumas.

>> Larnaca: Evanthia Savva and Andreas Passiourtidis both For the ballot list. From there and beyond are the names of Cyprus Andronikos, Alexis Alekos son of Christos Alekos, George Stylianos but also the veteran football player Panikos Xiourouppas. The names of the actors Valentina Sophocles and Monikas Melekis were also added to the list.

>> Paphos: The names of doctors Costas Mavrommatis and Agi Georgiadis are found, as well as the municipal councilor Costas Diplaros and the journalist Maria Papalazarou Frangou.

>> Kyrenia: Eleni Mavrou, Pampos Papageorgiou and Christos Christofias are on the list and are the three most dominant on the ballot.

Source: www.philenews.com

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